Nothing is better than celebrating the best day of your life with the people you love, the wedding market is a $300 billion industry to no surprise. Such an event shouldn’t be taken lightly, a wedding is after all a marriage ceremony where you cite your vows of love and commitment to one another. You will always remember your wedding day, so it’s important to do it right, and what’s more perfect than a mid-century modern inspired theme?! Here are 10 wedding ideas for those mid-century modern enthusiasts!

1. Classic Mid-century Modern

If you are mid-century modern purist, the classic style is just for you. Of course, it will have to take place outdoors in Palm Springs! For a simple yet elegant look, stick to one to three colors for your color scheme along with vibrant centerpieces to bring the liveliness of it all!

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2. Hollywood Glam

A glamorous wedding is probably the most desired style, the two of you are the center of attention for the whole evening, as if you’re the celebrities. And what better way to complete the experience than a Hollywood glam wedding! Embrace the sparkles and over-the-top chandeliers because a glamorous wedding is all about ‘go big or go home.’

Japanese-Inspired Bainbridge Island house dining room and kitchen

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3. Rustic Charm

If you want a more intimate wedding with fewer guests, a rustic style might just be for you. The rustic style brings out a vibe that is intimate, warm, and humble with the exposed wood work. Just because the decor isn’t glamorous doesn’t mean it won’t be a special night. It can be just as special, maybe even more since you will be surrounded by only the close few who truly wish you both the best of luck!

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4. Traditional Elegance Traditional elegance takes on a twist of mid-century modern in a slightly conservative direction. It’s unique style in decor is definitely mid-century but the theme does not overwhelm the traditional style of weddings. With a mix of different style chairs with a simple wooden table gives this space an elegant yet warm atmosphere.

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5. Casual Basics

For those who love a big celebration but more of a casual atmosphere, casual basics is the way to go. With the ordinary yet colorful chairs and typical white table cloths, it’s all about enjoying each other and the happy couple. Casual basic in decor yet big on celebration!

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6. Industrial Edge

It’s edgy, it’s glamorous, it’s industrial! Out of all these ideas, industrial edge is more out there than the others, it’s definitely different and non-traditional. If you’re the kind of happy couple who dares to be different, industrial edge might be what you’re looking for. It combines masculinity and femininity perfectly that both of you will be more than satisfied!

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7. Bohemian Beauty

Another intimate wedding with warm colors and serene atmosphere is accomplished through a Bohemian themed wedding. A cool, hipster style wedding with a touch of a moroccan vibe is definitely one for the books. It’s different and will always be remembered by the happy couple and the guests because of the unique experience.

Japanese-Inspired Bainbridge Island house dining room and kitchen

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8. Natural Element

A wedding should be all about embracing the beautiful things in life and what’s better than the natural beauty nature has to offer. Take advantage of what the world has to offer, the liveliness of greenery with various colors of the flowers in a calm atmosphere. Light more than enough candles and fill the table with the vibrant colored flowers that’s surrounded for that one-of-a-kind evening.

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9. Bright and Bold When you think of a celebratorial event, you automatically think of bright and vibrant colors because it’s a joyous occasion. The atmosphere is already lively and brightened up by the colors you decide to use. People always say that you’re wedding day is the happiest time in your life as it should be because it is the day you celebrate your love for one another and become one.

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10. Vintage Quirky

Rent a barn, light vintage chandeliers, use plenty of mason jars, and sit on foldable chairs for the perfect, vintage inspired wedding. Vintage quirky is a modern take on the old vintage, have the lights be slightly dim and light a bunch of candles for an intimate vibe. Imagine inviting your guests to an old barn house for your wedding, it’s already unique and it’ll definitely be an exciting experience!

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