The MCM (Mid-century Modern) trend has been an on-going trend for quite some time and the reasons for it is quite obvious, timeless designs that bring warmth and comfortable and sophistication to any interior space! Check out how the Mid-century Modern design has accomplished such a thing that many are still crazy about today!


1. The aesthetically pleasing simplicity in design

Mid-century modern design was about eliminating unnecessary details and highlighting the clean lines and pure forms that made the design functional and equally beautiful. The mid-century modern era was the basis of minimal design and charming accessories. The minimal designs have become iconic and timeless pieces that many people still admire today and will stick around for a while. The mid-century modern has done the unexpected and what seemed to be impossible by perfectly marrying the warm colors for a comfortable atmosphere with minimal details that we have grown to love and appreciate.

Photo courtesy of EYE of DREADMAN


2. Outdoor living

Outdoor living was considered to be a necessary element during the mid-century modern era, when entertaining and throwing elegant parties were ever so popular. While preserving the traditional aspects of entertaining, the mid-century modern era has taken on a new and modern twist. The outdoors were just as important as the indoors since an almost equal amount of time was spent for both spaces. The mid-century modern era has created a beautiful, harmonious flow when connecting the two, very different spaces. The mid-century modern times were all about starting new beginnings with plenty of opportunities.

Photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy


3. Open floor plan

It’s all about function and aesthetic when it comes to mid-century modern design, not just in furniture and decor but also in the layout of an interior space. This has resulted in open spaces, eliminating unnecessary walls and merging distinct areas of activities into one big open floor plan. This way, when entertaining, you and your guests can all be in on the conversation, while the host is prepping food or keeping an eye on the young ones. The mid-century modern era is known to be daring and risk takers, and we have never been so happy they created a movement that has shaped the design world of today.

Japanese-Inspired Bainbridge Island house dining room and kitchen

Photo courtesy of Mid-century Home Magazine

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