Out of all the things in our homes, apartment or workplaces; the only thing most of us have control of...is the lighting. We use it to wake us up in the morning. Before bed, we dim the lights for relaxation. Some good Mid-century Modern pendant lights can even set the mood with that special someone whenever the time is right.

Global Mogul
Globe-shaped pendants are spherical, and provide an even distribution of light throughout the room. They’re usually a colored glass, or transparent like the photograph below. These are great for larger rooms, because of the way the light refracts outward through the globe.

Saucer Style
Many Mid-century Modern lights are crafted in a flat, saucer shape, allowing for a more direct beam of light. The saucer pendants are perfect for task and ambient lighting, seen in the above photograph. The setup in the photograph illustrates how saucer lighting can aid in reading, ambience for relaxation, or highlighting the subtle nuances that give a room its individuality.

Scandinavian Pendants
Another useful idea in kitchens or dining rooms, are types of pendant lights that come in natural wood-style cylindrical shapes(above), or smooth/polished elliptical forms like the below photograph.

These types of pendants are perfect for illuminating a center island, a coffee table, or anything with an elongated surface. Their shape has a similar effect to the aforementioned globe pendant, spreading out the beams of light to cover a larger radius. Group them in clusters of 3 or more for an even more symmetrical look.

Another great idea is using the Scandinavian pendants to light up a path through an extended hallway.

Any one of the above modes of pendant lighting can look great in your kitchen, dining room, living room, passageways, or bedrooms. Have some fun with the selection process, and see what best fits your home.

Source: Emily Osmond