There are many kinds of Interior Design trends, but nothing is homier is than a farmhouse or cottage look fresh out of the 1800s. Here are some ideas to help create your Vintage masterpiece.

The staples of the rustic style include heavy use of wood for tables, floors, chairs. Bricks for the interior/exterior walls, and natural stone elements are also common. Obviously, many metal or plastic fabrication plants weren’t around during the Civil War era, unless they were donated by alien visitors who had an affinity for futurist furniture trends.

Go to your local antique shop and find some old-school coffee or dining room tables. You can also use any of grandma’s heirlooms lying around as accessories to fit the pastoral theme.

Old pottery, buckets, fine china, or wooden sculptures should be strategically sprinkled about the rooms.

Avoid putting any stains or varnishes on the wood, because the raw, unfinished look is what rustic is all about. If you’re really trying to capture the historical vibe, you’ll want to avoid having the floors look like they’re about to host a game at the Barclays Center.

Another staple of the rustic style is soft fabrics and neutral color tones. These elements will contrast appropriately with the hard-textured natural materials.

For wall art, using something like the above deer skull/antler piece pays tribute to mankind’s connection with nature, and human beings’ collective hunt for the perfect interior style.

Try some of these ideas in your home today and see how well the rustic hints can satisfy your taste for the traditional.