Not to get all depressing, but at this point summer is about 60% finished. The good news? You can start getting ready for all the exciting shindigs, cookouts, and lazy sundays next summer.

Here are some tips to get your place summer-ready, for the utmost enjoyment.


Set up your habitat so that there’s ample shading, and airflow to lower the temperature a few degrees on the most excruciating of hot days. If you keep some excess sunlight out as the heat index rises, the move will pay huge dividends.

Just don’t “throw shade” on any of your guests. People don’t like having their reputations tarnished.

Plant Matter

A great, and eco-friendly strategy for the sweltering summer months is to have a couple houseplants lying around to help with air purity to add an outdoorsy hint to the abode.

Some plants thrive better in certain light conditions, so consult your friendly, neighborhood botanist and see what works best for your Mid-century Modern lighting fixtures.

Upgrade Your A/C

Naked windows like the above example, are no good when it's 95 degrees out. Get yourself a functional air conditioning unit that chills the whole area, and a classic assortment of white Modern furniture to make that guest room more bearable, stylish, and well stocked.

Lighter colored furniture will also absorb less heat/sunlight, and be more comfortable to lethargically lay around on during a scorcher in mid-July. The fabric won’t be as hot to the touch, and any leather goods will be better preserved away from extreme temperatures.

Festive Colors

Summer’s a great time to break out the multicolor stuff, and bright/inspiring shades. When it’s warm and sunny out, these types of chromatic accents stand out visually, and extend the feelgood vibes through your interior.

The flowers, naturally-themed artwork, and lavender approach to that chaise lounge gives the room an obvious summer feel. Relaxation to the extreme.

Get started on your summer-izing prep work now, and finish up the season strong.