The concepts of sustainability, and being Earth-friendly, are important things to keep in mind when planning and organizing around the house. Here are a few ways to reduce your carbon footprint while still living in the 21st century.

Make sure your air conditioner is running as efficiently as possible, to avoid using up unnecessary electricity. Many have power saver options that will limit the damage to your electric bill. You should also clean the filters about once a month to prevent the cycle of stale air into the house.

When considering your choices for Lighting the home, you’ll want to be able to dim the lights where applicable to keep the kilowatt hour usage in check.

Investing in some solar panels might be a good idea if you’re in an area where they can be useful. If your house is surrounding by tree growth, power lines, or other obstacles; it might be an issue for you unless you know a good lumberjack.

Use locally sourced, and natural materials (like wood) for your Mid-Century Modern Furniture. This allows for a pleasant, organic look and will also cut down on emissions from the trucks that transport the goods from business to home. Win-win situation.

Make sure the infrastructure does not have any issues. Repair any broken pipes, fix any problematic vents or ductwork, and keep the house properly insulated. Any shortcuts will result in problems maintaining a steady temperature within your Interiors, and use of additional heating or cooling power.

Adding a skylight is a spectacular way to allow in extra airflow, and natural light on cooler days.

Instead of using hazardous household chemicals, try going with safer, homemade cleaners. Or, just pulverize whatever you’re cleaning with blasts of hot water. A good steam cleaning works wonders for many items.

Incorporate these ideas and help do your part in extending the Earth’s tenure for the next generation.

Source: Emily Osmond