Living or working within a small or confined space can be creatively stifling for some folks; and unfortunately, finding a bigger spot on the other side of town is not always feasible. There are, however, a few Interior Design tricks of the trade to make your home feel less suffocating.

Combine Rooms

The open-floor plan allows for merging many traditional rooms in one central area. Walls are used sparingly, to set up the visual continuity and practical use of limited space. The above photograph might resemble a cosmopolitan university lounge, but it’s just somebody’s house and darn good use of space.

The higher ceilings help with the overall openness of the design, and give a lot more room to breathe. Floating furniture and Modern Furniture work the best for this particular design because those models are usually low to the ground, and have an elongated, graceful look.

Brighten the Colors

Color choices can reflect one’s personality, set moods, and make small spaces look bigger. This is especially true for lighter colors, whites, or neutrals.

Another way to accomplish this, is by matching colors of cabinets and walls. If the cabinets have no handles, the eye flows without fixing on one spot. Another way, is using a backsplash (either glass or artistic) behind your kitchen sink on the wall, to add more personality to a tight area.

Glossy floor tiles will display a reflection, which fools the eye into thinking there’s more space available.

At some point in life, you might find yourself in a situation where you’re not working with much of a backyard. Don’t fret. A great solution is to create a room that seamlessly meshes the indoors and the outdoors, so you get best of both worlds.

Either screen or glass patio doors will keep the bugs and the marauders out, while letting the necessary amount of sunlight in.

A nifty alternative to the indoor/outdoor room, is having a comfortable niche. The above concept combines windows, walls, and an entire lounge area. There’s also a great view beyond the looking glass.

Having nothing else along that wall allows access into the niche area, and leaving a lounge chair, and some electric outlets in the corner makes it a pretty happening spot. Plug in a laptop, portable DVD player or an Ipad

If you’re in an area like upstate New York, where bears or other wildlife freely roam should have an extra-thick window barrier protecting you from the prying mitts of an invasive grizzly or wildebeest.

Modern Lighting is another great way to showcase spaces and make a small area appear bigger.

Different kinds of light fixtures, like high hats over a countertop, can focus light in a tight area. Floor lamps add shadows in corners of the room. A skylight adds natural light that warms any room, and saves

Money on energy costs. Believe it or not, much can be done with just imagination and a little money to personalize any room.

Source: Emily Osmond