Here are interesting options to consider when you’re painting the walls, thinking of wallpaper ideas, or seeking out types of tile.

This turquoise, mosaic, fish-scale style-tile is becoming a popular choice in the bathroom, and provides a distinguishable, optical kick. Its color, resembling the ameliorating deep-sea hue of a Caribbean vacation, is one of a kind. Pair it with freestanding, modern furniture, like this bathtub to smoke everybody in the standout style department.

For a truly mid-century modern furniture look, pastel colors are all the rage. Notice the assortment of multicolor, inspired by pop-artistry and atomic-age nuance. WOW!!!

The cutting edge, polychromatic mid-century modern counter stools look like they morphed straight out of the center island. If only something like that was possible in real life...

Because of the lack of adherence to a one or two color scheme, there is room for creative placement of motivational signs, picture frames, Rat Pack posters, or anything else you can think of. The geometric pattern sequence is a clever way to combine different colors together, and adds a lot more personality than your average design. They’re also ubiquitous in the household: you’ll see them in pillows, walls, floors, towels, etc.

Be careful so that your arrangement doesn't look like an optical illusion.

Right Track for Abstract

Abstract patterns, in neutral colors, represent a stupendous, and conventional form-breaking alternative to the usual solid, or plaid style wallpaper. Match with similarly colored bedding for an artistic decorative style.

The right lighting is necessary to get the shadows just right along the edges of whichever abstract patterns you go with. As you can see, the mid-century lighting allows for a fully rotational axis of photogenesis.

Of course, no bedroom is complete without a mid-century modern nightstand.

Sea green and white are an incredible pairing when placed on mid-century modern furniture (or a dual multifunctional bookshelf/desk) like the one above. Notice the way the zebra rug complements the white sections.

The last piece of the puzzle is the set of mid-century modern chairsto be placed in the desk openings, ready for hard work.

The whole shabang, of the beautifully polished wood floors, the 2-toned wall unit, and the old-school chairs mesh the professional old-school, with the creative new school.  

Back in Black

Accenting key areas in the yard with solid black as a dominant color really adds an aura of class and sophistication.

Bannisters, doors, window panes, and balcony rails can be doused in black paint for that cosmopolitan-condominium kind of look seen above. The contrast with the natural green colors from the plants, couldn't have been drawn up any better.

The only thing this particular scene is missing? Mid-century modern furniture of the outdoor variety.

What’s great about this look, is that it makes your yard or patio look like the entrance to a happening SoHo or Brooklyn bar/restaurant. All you’re missing are the 342 varieties of craft beer on tap, and a bouncer keeping watch at the door.

Source: Love Chic Living