What’s a bedroom without a well-thought out, designated style? The answer? A bedroom left reserved for the tasteless miscreants of the Interior Design world. 

Go to work on your master bedroom today, and incorporate some of these can’t-miss suggestions for impeccable results.

Modern Furniture

Should you want your bedroom to look like an extended wing of the MoMA, or a salon in the home of a forward-thinking European aristocrat, you’ll want to try a modern-era look.

Chandeliers, artwork, minimalist designs, and a beautiful symmetry really bring home the bacon when you’re trying to work within this kind of genre. As evidenced in the above pic, great attention to detail went into matching the bedding with the bright shades of the oil painting and the side chair. Money.

A good suggestion for the modern style and comfort is the Konni Lounge Chair, which is available in many different shades to suit your color scheme. Monet painting, sold separately.

The industrial trend utilizes mastery of raw materials, like brick and wood. There are also occurrences of Vintage pieces(like that chest in the above photograph, obviously stolen from a 1600s pirate ship) and unobtrusive color choices. Notice how the darkest color in the arrangement is the charcoal, lining the bottom of the walls.

Remove the “Gray Area”

It’s not always an issue of black and white, but in case of room decorations, it darn well should be. The two ‘colors’(technically speaking, black is the absence of color/white is the essence of color) seem to flow together tremendously, and can add a striking effect to any bedroom. Adding green as a third color in this kind of scheme isn’t always advisable, as you don’t want the room looking like an Othello game board.

A good tip for the walls is to find a paint or wallpaper that’s high-gloss, so you get a good shine when the light hits it.

Soft Textures
Softening the texture of a bedroom can make the space more inviting and homey. Tufted backboards, carpeting, and curtains that match the other elements in terms of color shade, provide a certain comfort aesthetic.

Going the soft route also creates an aura of luxury that’s a turn-on for many designers and stylized bedroom appreciators.

The Great Indoors

Adding some outdoorsy accents to your bedroom can renew your connection with Mother Earth and add personality at the same time. Similar to the previously mentioned industrial style, this kind of look incorporates rustic elements like neutral colors, and the vintage wood side table/support frame for the bed.

The old-world inspired threading on the pillows and blankets in the above photograph authenticate the look.

Any of these five options will enhance the flair of your bedroom, and any other room in the home. You can also experiment with other options, like geometric shapes, loud colors, traditional furniture, atomic age, or Scandinavian style.

Why not even go crazy and mix/match elements from any style? Don’t be afraid to accidentally make some quantum leaps in the design game.  

Source: Emily Osmond