Are you keeping these 5 important elements in mind for your mid-century modern home? Check off these 5 key elements for the perfect home you’ve always wanted!

1. Less is more

The mid-century modern era was known for its clean lines and pure forms, eliminating any elements that weren’t necessary. Which has become a style of its own and has made these designs timeless. The simple designs has brought on a different point of perspective of elegance and sophistication.

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Marble Tulip Dining Table - 60" Oval

DCM Dining Chair - Walnut


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Krugman Sideboard

Puget Arm Chair Green

Fizza Metal Vases, S/2

Claire Gold Starburst Mirror

Taccia table lamp

2. Affordable Accents

Flea markets, thrift stores, vintage shops are all great places to buy an accent piece for your mid-century modern home. You won’t have to spend so much for a unique find and it’ll definitely make your interior space special. Whether it’s a sofa, lighting fixture or accessory, make it the major attraction of the space by cutting down to the bare essentials.

Japanese-Inspired Bainbridge Island house dining room and kitchen

Photo courtesy of Nichole Therese Design

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The Orgasma Chandelier

Dara Tufted Sofa - Beige Twill

Smile Coffee Table

Brindle Backbone L

Upbeat Table Lamp, Orange

CH445 Wing Chair


Japanese-Inspired Bainbridge Island house dining room and kitchen

Photo courtesy of gohausgo

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Karon Mid-Century Sideboard - Long

Lampe Gras Task Lamp - Black

Bowl No. "Three Hundred and Fifty" Bronze, Large

Casa Mia Home Large Oval Bowl

Nikki Chu Metallic Vase - Short

Nikki Chu Metallic Vase - Tall

tranSglass - beak vase - Satin

tranSglass - cut vase - polished

LN Color Wheel 1 Picture


3. Stick to traditions

When you think of mid-century modern, the colors that might pop in your head are probably mustard yellow, avocado green, and tangerine orange. These are the traditional, mid-century modern colors and it’s still a puzzle as to why; but the color scheme seems to bring a sense of harmony with its mix match of colors so might as well stick to it for that mid-century modern vibe.

Photo courtesy of Braxton and Yancey

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Dara Lounge Chair - Orange

Dara Tufted Sofa - Orange

Model 711 Danish Lounge Chair

Monza Triennale Floor Lamp - Three Arm Chrome

Jacobsen Coffee Table - White

Epigram Table Lamp

Moon Pendant Lamp

Raindrops Canvas Wall Art

Cotton Florals Wall Art


Photo courtesy of oh so vintage

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Nolan Suspension

The Gusta Round Wood Dining Table

CH30 Dining Chair

The Harper Mid Century Clock

Ryanous Floor Lamp Satin Steel

Capiz Shell Accented Bowl


4. A bar cart is a necessity If you’re a mid-century modern enthusiast, you’re pretty much aware that a bar cart was a necessity to have in the living room. Cocktails were just as important in the 50s and 60s. Go for an elegant yet classic style and stock it up with vintage and/or antique glassware, cocktail shakers and decanters!

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Secret Serving Cart

Goya Dark Bronze Mirror

The Creation

Long Mid Century Tufted Bench - Black Leather

Vetro Gold Brandy Glass

Vetro Gold Highball Glass

Vetro Gold DOF Glass

Vetro Gold Martini Glass


Photo courtesy of Lia Griffith

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Castra Bar Serving Cart in Metal

Mid Century Tufted Bench - Blue Wool

Berk Metal Tray

Animale Stag Liqueur Glass

Animale Boar Pilsner Glass

Animale Bear Pilsner Glass

Animale Glass Ice Bucket

Animale Stag Pilsner Glass

Animale Boar Liqueur Glass

Animale Ram Pilsner Glass

Animale Ram Liqueur Glass


5. Retro Decor

When it comes to mid-century decor, it needs to be bold with a lot of personality. Because the mid-century furniture mostly consists of clean lines and pure forms, the retro decor will make the interior space feel complete and finished and create a balance of having the right amount of personality and charm.

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George Nelson by Verichron Pixel Clock

Diamond Chair - Black Leather

Farverige Frugt Decorative Pillow - 16"

Red Coral Sculpture Set/2


Photo courtesy of French Fancy

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Karla Lounge Chair - Grey

Boston Sideboard - Dark Walnut

LN Color Burst 1 Picture

Babson Table Lamp