Upgrading your home is great for getting the creative juices flowing. Another benefit: All that work adds to the overall value of the property you’re sitting on. Here are a few ideas to consider, when coming up with plans for renovation.

Outdoor Upgrade

A deck in the yard is perfect for hosting guests, relaxation, and adding a few extra zeroes onto the property value. Nothing like a nice, wood finish, and some mid-century modernoutdoor furniture to provide some chill zones.

You can build your own deck, and get the satisfaction of a completed do it yourself project. Or, you can consult the expertise of a professional if you have the funds. Either way, a deck is quite memorable, and enjoyable for all parties involved.

Brush Strokes

A new paintjob is a classic, yet inexpensive way to make the space look newer. Depending on room, the right colors can be visually stunning. In the above example, a dark green is used to match the shade of the chaise lounge, and the decorative houseplants.

Re-painting the entire house may be time consuming, but it will look great by the end of the project.

Kitchen Renovations

New lighting and appliance fixtures in the kitchens can give your home an upgraded look, and absolutely add value when it comes time for the appraiser to check in. Don’t forget cabinets, the center island, and the side chairs for the breakfast nook.

Create a Study/Work room

Adding a home office not only adds an element of studious leisure to the place, but also will increase the excitement of buyers when it comes time to market your home. The above photograph displays a sleek combination of light colored wood, and whitewashed walls for an airy, industrial result.

Right Fixtures

Good lighting can bring the right amount of contrast to rooms and open spaces, and make accented areas stand out. Hiding imperfections and showcasing unique odds and ends will make the real estate appear more valuable, because of the subtle tricks of presentation.

A good idea to consider, is hanging some mid-century modern pendant lights from the ceilings for this kind of effect. You can vary the styles and eye-level of the lighting.

Source: Get In My Home