We’re always looking for the latest trends, whether it’s in fashion, fitness, and/or interior design to stay up to date with what is going on in the world. Trends are more than just what’s cool and hip, there’s always a reason behind why society will learn to love certain things for a period of time and appreciate its aesthetic. And most often than not, history will repeat itself. Here are 6 interior design trends that you should be aware of and consider doing them yourselves!


1. Living space vibes for the bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in a home and usually not much thought for design goes into it. Mostly because many think it’s just an interior space where you get things done and that’s that. Redesigning the bathroom interior space into a living space atmosphere will make a big difference and you’ll perceive the space in a more positive way. It’s the one place where you truly unwind, it should look and feel like home.

Photo courtesy of my paradissi

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Ant Dining Side Chair - White

Big Boy Wall Sconce

The Atha Pendant Lamp

Grillen Champagne Gold Mirror

The Duncan true solid surface sink vessel

Controlbrand True Solid Surface Soaking Tub - Vinyasa Matte

Gizela Tufted Ottoman

Pitcher No. "One Hundred Sixty Four"

Vogel Dresser - Single


Photo courtesy of salvaged past

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Controlbrand True Solid Surface Soaking Tub - Pure Matte

Claudio 6 Inch Mini Pendant

Avalon 1-Light Pendant In Satin Nickel

Avalon 1 Light Pendant

Samuelle Wooden End Table

Double Rosemary Topiary

Rondure, Floor Candleholder

Alaya Statue

Medium Brass Offering Bowl


2. Bedrooms seeking attention

Headboards have become desirable in the past couple of years, the tufted element gives a luxurious aesthetic as well as a bold personality. It draws your attention to it as if it’s the center of attention in the interior space; and as it should be, a bedroom is not a bedroom without a bed! Consider all aspects you want to be sleeping in, it has to be cozy and comfortable, but that doesn’t mean you rule out a sophisticated and/or elegant look.

Japanese-Inspired Bainbridge Island house dining room and kitchen

Photo courtesy of France and Son

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Ludlow Cal King Bed - Taupe on Wenge

Verbnigge Side Table

Crisp Nightstand

Nikki Chu Metallic Vase - Short

Nikki Chu Metallic Vase - Tall

Dark Expressions Framed Art

Bonjour Wall Art


Japanese-Inspired Bainbridge Island house dining room and kitchen

Photo courtesy of Alexandra Fedorova

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Chelsea Cal King Bed - Dark Slate

Nolan Suspension

Hampstead Bench Taupe

Mulberry Nightstand - White Lacquer

Tufted Armchair - Wool Upholstery - Wheat

Ingram Coffee Table


3. Family first, ‘tech-less’ living rooms

This one is a trend that won’t be welcomed in many homes, because a living room is not complete without a big screen television, right? Still, it has made it to the list! Because nothing is more important than creating and growing bonds with your family and friends, put your phones in a basket and take down the big flat screen for a more intimate vibe. Put on the fireplace, have hot cocoa, and play a board game, and really be with the ones you love.

Photo courtesy of Stillness Meets Me

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The Barnie Dining Table

PK9 - Tan Leather

Fulton Loveseat Sofa - Lion

Hughes Bristol Pub Table

Medium Cofagrigus Candle Holder

Vader Lounge Chair - Brown

Industrial Coffee Table

Caela Floor Lamp - White and Gold


Photo courtesy of decor8

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Arco Floor Lamp - Round White Marble Base

Memphis Sectional Smoke

Caraban Highback Lounge Chair

Valhalla Coffee Table - Solid Walnut

Giogali Hugger Chandelier

Florina Vases Set/2

Tricolor Leaves, S/3

Farverige Frugt Decorative Pillow - 20"

Skov Decorative Pillow - 16"

Farverige Frugt Decorative Pillow - 16"

Skov Decorative Pillow - 20"

Midnat Tulipan Decorative Pillow - 16"

Nat Blomst Decorative Pillow - 16"

Fog Velvet Cushion W/ Feather Insert

Daisy Pillow - Coral

Coral Chevron Pillow

6.5' Phoenix Palm Tree

Forte Rectangular Dining Table

Yolanda Table Lamp

Time Life Stool A - Walnut

Parris Pillow Soft Ottoman


4. Openness and raw materials for the kitchen The open shelves and raw materials can bring a different kind of personality to your kitchen interior. It’s the perfect mix of old and new. A modern interior with accents of mid-century is done to perfection. The open shelves display organized clutter, if that makes sense. Nowadays, we put away the kitchenware in cabinets to for cleaner look, but the exposed plates and bowls give it a more welcoming, homey environment. It automatically makes you feel comfortable and not at all intimidating!

Photo courtesy of huacal

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Handmade Shelf Made from Recycled Fishtail Oak and Steel

Rugrat Barstool Distressed Natural

Adette Pendant - Large: 20" Diameter

Puget Sofa Grey

Marais Arm Chair - Gunmetal

6' Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Carlisle Dining Table - White Glass on White

Dark Expressions Framed Art

Plate No. "Two Hundred Three", Small

No. "Ninety Four", Set of 9

Dinnerware Set NO. "Three", 4 Pieces

Dinnerware Set No. "One", 5 pieces


Photo courtesy of Decoholic

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Handmade Shelf Made from Recycled Fishtail Oak and Steel

Vise Pendant Lamp - Small

Valentina Beverage Glass

Verona Red Wine Glass

Pitcher No. "One Hundred Sixty Four"

Tuscan Large Pitcher


5. Organically humble The use of natural materials can make an interior space look and feel humble. It’s definitely not a glamorous look but it achieves a different kind of beauty, which is equally elegant in its own way. The natural materials like wood gives a lively atmosphere that is difficult to achieve in a minimalistic interior space which its main material is concrete and metal. Whatever kind of style you wish to achieve, if wood is the material of our preference, the choices are endless. From bohemian, rustic, mid-century, and more!

Photo courtesy of ULTRALINX

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Arboga Pendant Lamp

Winter Chair Stainless Steel

Model 46 Dining Arm Chair

Delhi Navy

Smile Coffee Table

Curly Ivy Single Topiary

BC Subway XL Sign

BC LOVE Posters in red

BC Peace – lady's hand Picture

Palben Lounge Chair - Black Leather


Photo courtesy of crnobelo

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FD164 Easy Chair - Black Twill

Stool 60

Model 78 Dining Chair

6. Risky moves Whenever you’re looking to redecorate your interior space, and want to incorporate your different tastes all at once, it can get a little tricky but nonetheless impossible. You want your interior space to be different than the rest, it’s your home and we all have different taste. It’s important to design it in such a way where everything doesn’t necessary have to match up perfectly, but to create a harmonious and fluid aesthetic all around.

Photo courtesy of BERGDAHL

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Santa Ana Bar Chair Brown

Marais Side Chair - Gunmetal

Alliyah Handmade Mandarin Red New Zealand Blend Wool Rug

The Cori Pendant Lamp - Brown


Photo courtesy of HousesDesign

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Kinnard Sectional Sofa - Beige

Natural Brazilian Champagne White XL Cowhide

Sierra Ruskin Bench

Mini-Boxwood Bush

Village Promenade

Fiberglass Shell DSW Chair - Glossy White

Bertoia Bar Stool - White Powder Coated Frame with Orange Pad

Void Pendant - Gold

Axell Wood Tray

Farverige Frugt Decorative Pillow - 20"

Skov Decorative Pillow - 16"

Midnat Tulipan Decorative Pillow - 16"