When it comes to styling your home mid-century modern, you can easily go overboard and ruin the potential beauty of the mid-century modern era. Many people assume that everything needs to be the style of the mid-century modern era, and it couldn’t be more untrue. Here are 6 tips and tricks to help you make your ‘home’ run.

1. Add bright and bold colors here and there, and no more

The mid-century modern era is known to use bright colors like red, orange, and yellow for a warm and welcoming atmosphere. That doesn’t mean every piece of furniture needs to be in that color scheme, it’ll make your interior space outdated and tacky. Since red and orange are such bold colors, have a few smaller pieces like throws and pillows to slightly give it that mid-century modern look. After all, we're not living in the 50s and 60s anymore, just the vibe of the era. The bright and boldness of these colors will do wonders for your interior space!

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Legionare Sofa

Legionare Lounge Chair

Millenia Blue Grey

Tangerine Italian Herringbone Throw

Daisy Pillow - Coral

Coral Chevron Pillow

Hachiro Floor Lamp Steel

Laval Table Lamp

2. It’s all about natural materials

The mid-century modern era used a lot of natural materials like wood. Adding natural elements make the interior space feel comfortable, relaxing, and serene, as if you were in the woods, even. It’s all about bringing the nature inside. The smooths forms and clean lines of the soft, natural material makes the interior space feel humble, welcoming, and elegant. This bedroom has successfully welcomed mid-century modern furniture and decor in such a beautiful way. The combination of mid-century and contemporary styles is definitely working!

Japanese-Inspired Bainbridge Island house dining room and kitchen

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Joren 6 Drawers Dresser

Joren Bedside End Table

Joren Queen Bed

Girven Pendant Lamp - Tall

Model 711 Danish Lounge Chair - Beige

Mini-Boxwood Bush

Small Brass Offering Bowl

Bowl No. "Three Hundred and Fifty" Bronze, Large


3. Liveliness is Key

Plants, artificial or not, will make a big difference in an interior space. If you’re not looking to decorate with bold colors, adding some greenery will definitely do the trick! Although greenery is part of decor, it’s a useful one. Whether it’s a centerpiece on your dining table or in a corner you have no idea what to do with and you’re just tired of constant trial and errors, add greenery. It’s foolproof and it will improve your home aesthetic, drastically.

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Jolan Highback Lounge Chair - Black Twill

Potted Ivy Vine 1136VE

Cycas Palm 1470

Ornamental Grass 1176 LG

Forest Fern , 1448

Mantis BS4 Ceiling Lamp - White


4. Lighting is everything Lighting is one of the most important features in a space, it can really bring out all the potential in a space, and more. Choosing the right lighting can be difficult, as every room requires a different kind of fixture. You certainly wouldn’t want your kitchen to look and feel like your bedroom! Lighting sets the mood, so it’s important to plan accordingly. Think about what kind of mood you want in different rooms of the home, and what you want your guests to be in, lighting is a big part of giving yourself and others an experience. But don’t forget that functionality is as important, as different parts of the house serves different tasks.

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Beat Light Fat

Dining Chair 31 - Walnut

Enam Dining Table


5. Don’t forget the floor

The floor is many times an afterthought when it shouldn’t be. Rugs make a big shift in an atmosphere than you’d think. If you’re not a big fan of using bright and bold colors, the interior space can feel cold and and uninviting compared to a space that uses warm colors. With a rug, it makes the space feel cozy and ‘home-y’. Imagine this space without the rug, you’ll think something is missing, there is no balance in ease. There wouldn’t be anything charming about it, but adding a rug will definitely want to bring you to it. It’s an easy solution that makes the space feel complete!

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Flying Bye Wall Art

Rams Carved Sculptures, S/2

Kaleho Shell Sculpture

My Good Side Bronze Sculpture

Tall Kasse Bookshelf

Atlas Ivory

FD164 Easy Chair - Black


6. Mix it up with decor

If you know about the mid-century modern era, you know that decor plays a big part in an interior space. Choose unique pieces you are fond of, after all, it’s your home and you’re the one that will be walking past it everyday. Make it unique items for a great conversation starter for your visitors. Decor is a process that is on-going, it takes time, so don’t clutter your special finds, let them get the spotlight you know they deserve. Let your decor be however you want it, it can be on the opposite sides of the spectrum or have a cohesive collection, just remember to have fun with it!

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Get the look here:

Map Of Europe Grid Vintage Art, S/9

Handmade Shelf Made from Recycled Fishtail Oak and Steel

Fiberglass Shell DSW Chair - Matte White

Alpaca Herringbone Throw- Light Purple

Potted Ivy Vine 1138VE

Mini-Boxwood Bush

Maven Elephant Sculptures, S/2

Teak Monkey Figurine - Large