Go Global

The above, wood-accented atlas piece does a spectacular job of giving this kitchen a truly multinational, universal look. The fluorescent bulb directly above the map, adds a layer of contrast/visual depth and makes it really stand out against the white backdrop. A complimentary series of black pendant lights round out the preferred modern lighting motif.

It would be hard not to feel like a distinguised world leader, while enjoying a home-cooked meal at this little nook.


A few naturalist elements can bring a (literally) green, ecologically friendly vibe to the area where you prepare meals for the family.

Add wood shelving, a medley of mid-century modern houseplant decor, green paint or wallpaper, and a champion of the culinary arts.

Minimalist Magic  

Simplicity goes a long way in a kitchen design. Multifunctional pieces, gorgeous symmetry, neutral colors and modern furniture.  

Three layers of shelves fit against the wall, and align nicely with the adjacent modern cabinets.

Good as Gold

Gold accents look spectacular in a kitchen, and give everything a sort of museum-y vibe. Also, the industrial, metallic nature of the mid-century modern dining chairs blend with the aural arrangement for a sharp, polished look. A true work of art...

Laminate or Lame…

Laminate countertops (like the one seen above in formica) are easy to scrub down, and keep around for a while. They’re more resistant to chipping or scuffing, and have a lot of durability compared to other materials.

Combine them with the capabilities of several mid-century cabinets to maximize available space. You can also organize your cutlery, fine china, and hazardous household chemicals you wouldn't want the children to get a hold of.

Just Hanging Around

For smaller kitchens, utilizing shelve space properly is important to keep the illusion of a larger area. Set something up where you can have multiple spots, and ways to suspend additional items from the shelves. Hanging pegs, like the ones seen above, can provide a good spot for the pots and pans, while you place the more fragile stuff(like bowls, plates) on the wood shelves.

Mid century modern decorative boxes made from wood, can further compliment this kind of area.

Reflections of a Classy Kitchen

A shiny, reflective surface can draw the eye in quite effectively, and really make a kitchen stand out among the other rooms in the house. Metallic, or mirror tiles can brilliantly produce this result. The right kind of modern lighting can amplify the effects, and pairs so well with stainless steel appliances, and faucet fixtures. 

Additional tips to make any one of these styles go even further:

Keep appropriate task lighting for under cupboards, in cabinets, and on the countertops.

Find the right kind of mid-century modern dining chairs to match your clever design ideas.

Utilize different elevations for shelving to make use of all available space, and prevent clutter.

Mix creative elements from different genres. For example, mid-century modern furniture and modern lighting can be an attractive combination.

Source: Jen Stanbrook