Doing a little renovating is a great, efficient, and satisfying way to add a few extra zeroes onto the price of your home. Here are a few tips to help up your equity, AND better your construction skills.

1. Obliterate a boring outdoor setup and get yourself a deck, patio, or courtyard of some kind. It will utilize the backdoor space while being a great place for guests, and family members to converge and relax. Check out your local Home Depot or hardware store for the materials, get the proper plans, and get to work. Then, find some quality outdoor furniture at France and Son.

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Advanced Tip: If you have a bigger construction team to work with, we recommend something like this to keep the kids occupied until it’s time to move. Once the house is on the market, it may even attract the local media.

2. How does your house look in comparison to other homes on the block? Try creative landscaping options, like a pond, or a zen garden. Accentuate walkways with lanterns,cobblestones, hibiscus plants, or anything else to enhance visual appeal.

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3. A fresh coat of paint can make all the walls look rejuvenated and livable, once again. Painting also makes the mouldings, doors, ceilings, and all the other nooks and crannies of the house appear updated. We recommend some vibrant colors, a roller for the larger areas, and a brush for the smaller areas. It won’t be long before you're painting the neighbors’ houses, too.

4. Add some new appliances to the kitchen to give it that modern look. A fresh coat of finish won't hurt the cabinets, either. As Clyde Frazier would say, you’ll really be stylin’ and profilin’ with some new taps for the faucets. Smart homeowners can find these materials for cheap as well, with a little bit of research.

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5. Get some new light fixtures to create the perfect, warming atmosphere in all rooms of the house. Floor lamps are great in the living rooms. Chandeliers for the dining areas. Pendant lights are appropriate for your kitchens, and have the dimmers ready to adjust, whenever,

6. If you have an older house with an attic, convert it into a bedroom, or a game room.   

7. An inexpensive way to connect the house with the back yard, is to replace the windows with french doors. Au naturel.

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8. Adding updated siding, and properly insulating the house in the summer/winter makes for more energy efficiency and saves homeowners money on their power bills. Use that extra money on a vacation, somewhere. Newark’s lovely this time of year.

9. Explore different shelving options to add some texture to the walls, and save some space for future occupants.

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Start with one room at a time for best planning, avoid stretching yourself too thin. These kinds of renovations will take time, energy, and at least few bucks so leave yourself enough resources.

Last but not least, your wife will be happy you read this post.

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