Stay in the loop with the latest trends on all things interior design. These 9 existing and coming-up trends will stay hip and cool for a while so mind as well get started as soon as possible! Perhaps there not so much trends but timeless styles and themes you can successfully adapt in your home for an elegant, unique, and eclectic interior space that will cater to your needs and preferred aesthetics.

1. Grey is the new neutral

The use of the color grey has long been popular ever since the minimalist ‘movement.’ It’s all about eliminating unnecessary elements in design with a sleek and contemporary interior space which will make this style a timeless one. Grey can make the space elegant with the right approach and at the same time give a homey atmosphere. The color grey is all about giving an element of simplicity and sophistication.

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Elliptical Coffee Table - Black Top

Giant Looksoflat Floor Lamp

Mogensen 2213 Sofa - Grey

Atlas Ivory


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CH24 Wishbone Y Chair - White

AJ Table Lamp - White

Golden Horses Framed Art, S/2

Impact Fleurs Floral Art

2. Uneven kitchenware

The uneven kitchenware possesses a distinct style that has been trending for a while now amongst the mid-century modern enthusiasts. The organic shapes and the imperfectness of the design can be reminisced back to the beginning of time. The humble nature of this particular style is all about being one with nature and appreciating the moments of the simpler times. This specific design can be portrayed as hipster and even bohemian.

Japanese-Inspired Bainbridge Island house dining room and kitchen

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Dinnerware Set NO. "Three", 4 Pieces

Bowl NO. "Two Hundred Eighty One"

Bowl NO. "Three Hundred and Twenty Three"

Bowl NO. "Two Hundred Fifty Five"

Casa Mia Home Decorative Pitcher

Plate No. "Two Hundred Three", Small

Pedestal Bowl NO. "Two Hundred Eighty"


Japanese-Inspired Bainbridge Island house dining room and kitchen

Photo courtesy of elephant ceramics

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Luna Round Tray

Luna Small Round Bowl

Luna Footed Oval Bowl

Luna Footed Bowl

Luna Round Platter

Luna Large Round Bowl

Luna Oval Tray

Luna Rectangular Tray


3. Formal dining rooms

With today’s society being fast-paced, it can be difficult for every member in your family to sit down and just enjoy a meal at home. In result, the dining room has become a space that is used on special occasions like birthday, anniversaries, and national holidays. For a while now, many homeowners and interior designers have designed the dining room in a formal manner as it is a place where you gather every so often, so, it’s important to design it in such a way that is special for a memorable occasion.

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DAW Fiberglass Arm Chair - Matte White with Ash Legs

Astor Dining Table - Wenge

Paramour Chandelier

Alpha Mirrored Tray

Jackman Gold Arch Mirror

Vetro Gold Cup & Saucer with Spoon

Vetro Gold Coffee Cup & Saucer


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Platner Arm Chair - Black Leather and Copper

Forte Rectangular Dining Table

Six Globe Branching Ceiling Lamp - Gold


4. Functionality and aesthetics It has always been a long and on-going struggle to find the perfect balance of functionality and aesthetic, which is the definition of design. Creating a product that is simple and easy to use while having it be highly functional without sacrificing aesthetics is what designers always struggle to achieve. We’ve grown to love the innovative pieces today’s world has to offer. It’s no doubt very different from anything from the past, it’s contemporary design has welcomed a feature that is useable and appealing.

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Cup Lamp Black


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Hanger Chair Black


5. Metal and wood The use of both metal and wood materials are often seen in the industrial style interior decor, giving it a rustic warehouse vibe that has been trending for a while now, attracting a younger generation whose up to date with today’s culture. It’s a modern take on rustic charm. The blending of metal and wood can also be seen in contemporary interior spaces, it’s clean, solid textures and colors give the space a minimalistic style.

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Blok Freeform Dining Table - 118"

DCM Dining Chair - Walnut

The Cori Pendant Lamp - Brown


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Marais Side Chair - Gunmetal

Blok Freeform Dining Table - 79"

Crystal Light Chandelier

Glowing Florals Framed Art, S/6

Chianti Pasta/Cereal Bowl

Medici Shallow Bowl

Medici Pasta/Cereal Bowl

Medici Dipping Bowl Set

Medici Small Serving Bowl

Medici Salad Bowl

6. Custom-made Customized items has always been in existence and has been desired by many who are fortunate enough to spend more than the normal prices, because it is one of a kind, it’s about the uniqueness and different quality that takes more time than the mainstream products. You get to say that your furniture is special made and probably only a couple of the same designs out there! Nowadays, everybody want to stand out from the crowd, and it takes a lot to be different in fashion, cuisine, and home decor, but so worth it.

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Sean Dix Standard Two Seater Sofa

Puget Sofa Blue

Arbor Cocktail Table - Nickel & Black Granite

Elevated Tetrahedron in Honey

Skov Decorative Pillow - 20"

Nat Blomst Decorative Pillow - 16"

Daisy Pillow - Coral

Gold Pendant


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Earthshine Pendant

Marie Coquine Umbrella Chandelier

Danes Dining Table Iron

Honesta Ottoman

Enkel Sectional Sofa

Giomar Coffee Table with Tempered Glass Top

7. Eclectic Eclectic style is all about your confidence in your preferred decor. You can choose whatever you fancy, but make sure you are aware of the thin line between contrast and chaos. It’s about filling up your interior space with your favorite pieces but knowing when to stop and tell yourself it’s enough. The eclectic style is all about you, whether you love bits and pieces from the mid-century, contemporary, traditional, and etc, if you curate it well enough, it will make your space very special and unique.

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Zeal Deluxe Daybed with Sofa Mustard Flower Fabric and Oak Legs

Fuhua Floor Lamp

Goren Round Coffee Table - Brushed Stainless

Farverige Frugt Decorative Pillow - 20"

Lemongrass Italian Herringbone Throw

Silver Flowers Wall Art, Set/3

Golden Leaves Wall Art

Sepia Leaf Study Wall Art, Set/4

Laramie Lattice William Plummer Vinyl


Photo courtesy of The Every Girl

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Birmingham Sofa Brown

Coney Arm Chair Aqua Velvet

Sister Coffee Table

Secret Serving Cart

Pearl Blue Lamp 32"H

Rhino Sculpture


Maven Elephant Sculptures, S/2

BC LOVE Posters in light pink

BC Excellent Picture

Atlas Ivory

8. Modern mixed with tradition Many traditional styles might not have made it today’s modern and contemporary design but it’s hard to dispose something that has been in your possession for so long, even a piece of furniture. No style will outweigh the sentimental value something has, it’s best to keep in the family and work around a piece that has more value than even a bertoia or wegner chair. It’s won’t be easy to make successfully design the interior space, but definitely doable!

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Ferret Dining Table

Bertoia Side Chair - White Frame with Orange Wool Pads

Nikki Chu Hammered Candle Holders - Set of 3

Hariyama Candlestick (large)

Spotlantern Pendant Lamp

Square Banana Leaf Cross Basket, Set of 2


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Claudio Dining Table

Louis Ghost Chair - Transparent Acrylic Dining Arm Chair

Carnegie Richmond Dining Chr-Os Blk/Weathered Oak

The Belmont Ceiling Lamp - Small

Floral Bunda Framed Art

9. Bold DistinctionOne of the best ways to make your interior space bold with a big personality is through color. Bright colors such as red, orange, green and etc is a sure way to achieve a unique and distinguished interior. Also considering not just furniture but the walls and rugs as well to successfully portray a bold and harmonious atmosphere. It can often make the interior space glamorous with a touch of classical vibes.

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Tulip Dining Table - 48" - High Grade Marble

Ghost Side Chair - Transparent Acrylic Dining Side Chair

Chahna Cushioned Bench

Chahna Small Bench

Rowan Chandelier - Chrome Modern Suspension Lamp

Meadow Lights Landscape Art


Photo courtesy of Sadie + Stella

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PP56 China Chair with Black Leather Seat

Marlow Greer Coffee Table-Matte Brass

Quindici Metal Bamboo Floor Lamp

Andriao Silver Leaf Mirror

Alliyah Handmade Cherry Tomato New Zealand Blend Wool Rug

Gracelyn Antique Finials, Set/2

Nantucket Sofa Green Velvet