A great idea for home decor is to turn organic plant life into various artistic tapestries. 

Some recent trends have incorporated elements like indoor plants, terrariums, and nature-themed placemats. The endgame is quite appealing, and can bring out the outdoor naturalist in everybody.

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There’s a certain type of plant species called an “Air plant”, which is a unique example of shrubbery that doesn’t require being anchored in soil, or a flowerpot to survive. The scientific name is Tillandsia, and the plant can actually blossom in open glass domes, with use of minimal watering or food throughout the week. Air plant cases can vary according to size of the plants being housed, and the design of its shape.

Two Australians - Melbourne residents Sarah Triolo of Glasshouse Terrariums, and artist Rachel Bainbridge, teamed up to create and distribute these glass cases for those looking to see how some additions of plant life and creative glassware, can add a new dimension to the home.

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The duo’s passion has resulted in a unique and aesthetically pleasing way to bring the outdoors, indoors. Air plants are a great introduction for somebody who is new to putting houseplants on display, and wants to start with a relatively low maintenance project.

This also works for those without a green thumb at all, who just want the mental and physical benefits of having greenery in the home. AND a great idea for folks who may live in a crowded area like Manhattan or San Francisco but still wish to liven up that city apartment, and freshen the air, with truly decorative flora.

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Sarah Triolo spoke about the wonders of her idea: “We feel proud that each piece is completely handmade by ourselves, and that every piece we offer is unique. We both feel very strongly about creating something that is of high quality and sustainable so that customers are buying a product that is made to last.” More information on the terrariums can be seen on the Glasshouse Terrariums’ website.

Triolo’s home-art ideas also incorporate the use of Japanese Moss-balls known as Kokedama. The balls are tastefully wrapped in string, and can stand alone as a living planter or complementary display piece.

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You can set up a few of the terrariums, and moss balls in a windowsill, a niche under the stairwell, or line the hallway shelves with the floral arrangements. .

Add some of your own choice houseplants to the arrangement, and utilize our stylish display basket to keep them in open view. Or, if real houseplants do a number on your allergies, we have this synthetic fern to capture the essence of a peaceful, natural garden without getting your hands dirty.

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In fact, France and Son has an entire product line dedicated to artificial plants and greenery, as well as storage containers for real plantlife.

In keeping with the “green” trend, we also recommend you check out the Puget Green Sofa and the Trafico Dining Chair for maximum comfort.

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