Furniture blogs are touching on the growing importance of E-commerce, and an interesting statistic is evident.

It's 2016, and nearly 33% of furniture retailers do not have a viable website. That's 1 out of every 3 companies who will lose out on sales and building new customer relationships through the use of technology. This archaic business model will undoubtedly ostracize the older-fashioned companies from the customers who can't access the showroom because of geographical restrictions, or just have a preference for the digital marketplace.

The successful businesses have utilized e-commerce opportunities. Showcase more items, have more detailed information available. More people will end up buying

The New York based furniture outlet France and Son features over 7000 curated furniture pieces on their website, as well as a concierge on-call all day via live chat. The concierge provides real-time answers to any questions consumers may have, which is a major leg-up on the industry competition placing a limited emphasis on e-commerce.

Source: Bill Napier