Gold accents, velvet-ey fabrics, topped with leather goods make up the fundamental elements of a Chicago Chic home. The glamour that comes with this elegant style is nothing but desirable not just Chicagoans but for all who like to live it up and enjoy the good things in life. Complete your home by adding greenery for a more welcoming and home-y atmosphere!

This Stilio Table Lamp is inspired from the Mid-century Modern era, the simplicity in design highlights only the essentials that’s also part of the functionality. The golden rims along the edges gives this special lamp the extra illumination for any interior space. Go big or go home, am I right? The glass columns give the lighting a unique kind of effect when in use. A romantic and intimate kind of atmosphere very much needed in any and all homes at one point ;)

With all the semi sharp angles in this geometric Bentry Side Table, there is still a vibe of calmness, relaxation, and at the same time elegant glamour and luxury. A difficult aesthetic to accomplish but oh, so beautiful when successfully done. Don’t forget to have an abundance of natural light shine through your home, just because it’s good for the soul!

The drastic contrast between the Eilam Sofa, Delhi Rug in Navy, and Bentry Side Table has never married so well in a single space. The various materials and fabrics with bold and soft colors are not too overwhelming where it looks busy and cluttered but it portrays the perfect balance of a chic, and even an edgy space.

We love the Eilam Sofa because it adds a touch of opulence to any space with the velvet upholstery and its stainless steel legs lift this plush sofa off the ground giving it a sense of light airiness. The plush cushions and soft velvet upholstery will whisk you away to the lap of luxury. This particular champagne fabric color almost gives the sofa a shine or glimmer in multiple angles, it doesn’t get any glamorous than that!

Don’t forget the last piece of the puzzle, LEATHER! Leathur is known to be a luxury, so for the ultimate Chicago Chic home, this almost makes it a must. Why not get a multi purpose furniture piece and place it in the center of your living room! The Padua Ottoman features a rich, durable aniline leather. Whether being used for feet or seating, the solid wood frame and stainless steel legs offer the needed support, while the down filled cushions offer the desired comfort.

Chicago has so much to offer, from the various choices of food, the arts and museums, architecture, design, culture and entertainment is just barely scratching the surface. The eclectic range of choices is why this gem of a place is a major attraction among tourists and loved by the residents themselves. Chicago knows how to appreciate life and bring it into their homes. Whether you’re going for glamor and luxury or a humble Mid-century Modern home, Chicago warmly welcomes all.


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Avriil Side Table - Gold $450
Padua Ottoman $649
Bentry Side Table - Gold $249
Stilio Table Lamp $149
Eilam Sofa - Champagne $1,199
Hawkes Lounge Chair $499