Prop rentals have been around for quite some time now and have been afloat for various reasons and/or needs. Whether you’re a designer working with a broker and in need of staging a beautiful home to do it justice; a set designer looking for props to make the space come alive and very much real and authentic, or if you’re merely planning a special occasion such as birthdays or a theme party, furniture and prop rentals come in very handy. With rentals, you don’t have to commit because you’re temporary purchasing it to use it for a period of time, not forever, which can be intimidating to some.



The prop rental industry consists of unique antiques that's almost impossible to find elsewhere which is what makes this industry so special. Even if you’re not looking to rent, visit your local prop rental store and just take in all the beautiful and charming pieces they have. The film/cinema industry relies on these stores to make their stage/set special and stand out, at the same time authentic to whatever they're trying to portray. When staging any set in that matter, you almost never want to bring in new items, you want the viewer to be convinced that the space is real.

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You won’t believe the things that are available to rent, basically think that everything you see can be a prop. In the film industry, they consider anything the character lifts, holds, carries, and touches a prop. Because there are so many props out there, it might be a longer process to find exactly what you’re looking for, but on the bright side, you get to pass through some quirky and fun pieces! The furniture and prop rental business will always be present as long as there is in need and/or desire of film, cinema, theatre, and real estate. And by the looks of it, they're not going anywhere!

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Furniture and prop rentals have been around for so long because it just works, whether it’s for your career or for personal reasons, rentals come in handy. The industry is known for fast and easy service for your needs as any other business should be. Nowadays, we can pretty much rent anything, from cars, handbags, to dresses. Whether you’re attending an important event and want to make an entrance, you only need it for a couple nights, why spend a fortune on something that’ll end up in the back of your closet! If you’re the type that gets bored of something and even everything easily, consider renting furniture, often they will offer a better deal when renting for several months!

Japanese-Inspired Bainbridge Island house dining room and kitchen

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Furniture and prop rentals is like an antique, vintage store but in a larger scale, filled with history in its products, holding sentimental value. Although with today’s technology, it is very much possible to replicate the various pieces, it won’t have history, a hollow piece that’s merely beautiful in aesthetic. There’s a reason why many designers visit prop store’s for staging, to give the set the most authentic look and feel possible. But if you’re looking to stage a home for the real estate industry, almost new to brand new furniture is a better approach, for you’d want the space to be crisp but at the same time welcoming. There will always be a reason why we need and/or desire to rent furniture and props, check out what we have to offer!

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1. Familiar yet fresh

Whether you’re staging a beautiful home or designing a set for the next hit show, it takes a dedicated and well researched team to accomplish your goal, whatever that might be. You want to stage the house in such a way their already imagining themselves living there, it’s familiar yet fresh by adding furniture, lighting, and decor for a finished look and feel of the new home. A mix and range of timeless pieces will successfully have your clients fall in love with the home because after all, it’s your humble abode. Depending on where it's located, such as the mountains, bring in the pine scent into the home, location is pretty much everything for the clients in search of homes, help them realize the benefits of it. If it’s located in a southern state, bring in the southern charm with furniture, lighting, and decor! Blend in with your surroundings, that’s truly the only way to make it feel like “home.”

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2. A story worth remembering

Designing a set takes a slightly different approach than staging a home but the goal for a relatable and familiar atmosphere remains the same. Whether it’s for a play, film, or theatre you want the space to feel like it’s actually been lived in. A difficult task for a fictional space to come alive and be as authentic as possible. Vintage and used products best suits this industry, brand new products will stand out too much depending on the story, aesthetic, and characters. Just as much a story needs living characters with distinct personalities, it also needs just as much attention to detail for product placement and set design for a successful story to come alive.

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3. Inspiration is priceless

It’s almost impossible to say where and when people will find that spark of inspiration, it can really come from anything and everything. That’s why it’s important to execute every task to the best of your ability, whether you’re an interior designer staging a home or a set designer in search of pieces to complete a set. You never know who will encounter your work and/project, they don’t necessarily have to be potential home buyers or an audience watching your show. Because for occasions like these, people always take photos for personal use as well as advertising. Whatever products you decide to include, make sure you’re sure about them, because chances are, someone will think it’s genius and absolutely fall in love with not just that one piece but the whole idea and theme of it and perhaps love the other works you’ve done.

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France and Son offers furniture and lighting rentals at a reasonable price for your satisfaction.

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