The prosperity of an earlier era, and the ingenuity of Modern Furniture design, has resulted in the inspiration behind Appalachia Avenue. The collection artfully joins together a pleasant blend of past, present and practical; paying tribute to the rise of America during its formative years.

The transitional nature of the selections, allows for a kind of flexibility that works in most Interiors. Picture  a living room occupied by your favorite 1800s dignitary - only adapted to suit the whims of the mainstream Mid-Century Modern Furniture lifestyle. That is what Appalachia Avenue is all about.

Appalachia Avenue’s loveseats, chaise lounges, and stylish, handcrafted woodpieces will enliven any living room or meeting room with a certain nostalgia. Here are a few pairings that we’d suggest for the perfect look.

The gray velvet Lillian Occasional Chair offers more than just occasional comfort and style, and would make a cozy addition to your Colter Honey Stained Writing Desk. Don’t forget to store your stationary and important business documents in the Delray Silver Cabinet.

When you’re done with an honest day’s work efforts, it’s time to relocate to the Four Hands Day Bed, and the Contemporary Eiji Tufted Ottoman to stretch the legs out. Just the right amount of lighting for serenity can be had overhead, with the Malvin Chandelier. A modern take on a traditional chandelier produces a breathtaking illumination with the clever intertwining of 18 individual lights and shimmering crystals.

Decorate your favorite floor in the house with a Millenia sand rug. The abstract patterns, and soft viscose fabric will complement the monochromatic, velvety texture of many of the Appalachia Avenue sofas, lounges and ottomans. You know what would look great centered on that? The Jiles Side Table comes with decadent gold accents and a glass tabletop. Just make sure you use a coaster for your coffee mugs or cold mixed beverages.

If you want to avoid the fragility and high/maintenance of glass, the Blond Dining Table features natural wood, and can function as a coffee table, a work desk, or a dining table depending on your floor plan. The design is simple enough to move it around from room to room whenever you see fit, but we’d recommend leaving it in one ideal spot to avoid blowing out your lower back.

There are a number of hidden gems that Appalachia Avenue has to offer in the world of unique decor. Style a long corridor wall with this Leggett Tufted White Bench, and give what would have been an otherwise empty hallway - that esteemed look of elegance.

Keep your fireplace embers out of the eyes of closeby spectators, with the iron cast, leaf-patterned Armino Fireplace Screen. Remember to remove it temporarily on Christmas Eve, though, so Santa has an unobstructed path to the cookie jar.

One last suggestion, is to keep your bar well-stocked with the ingredients that make up your favorite classic cocktails from the bigwig era, like the Manhattan or the White Russian. Of course, it’s difficult to enjoy these drinks without at least 3 or 4 White Wishbone Bar Stools to take in all the sights on Appalachia Avenue.

For more inspiration, take a look at our Appalachian Avenue moodboard, and Shop our collection here!

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