There’s nothing more you’d like to do than taking a hot bath after a long day. The bathroom is truly a place where you can unwind and relax and soak your troubles away. More often than not, we tend to forget about the significance of the space we absolutely require in our everyday lives. So why not put in the same thought and effort as any other interior space in your home, maybe even more.  Think of the bathroom as an actual room, because it is. Since the bathroom serves many functions, equally important and necessary, designate areas where different activities would occur around a central, open interior space. The bathroom needs to be designed in such a way that is comfortable and natural in your movement, suitable for your everyday needs. Everyone is different in ritual, make sure the interior space works best for you.

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The bathroom is a very intimate space, for reasons that are obvious. When designing your bathroom, take into consideration different lighting fixtures. It’s kind of amazing how such a small space can go from romantic to ‘getting down to business’. If you’re the type to go all out, you can really set different vibes from the bathtub, shower stall, toilet, and sink just by applying different styles and purposes of lighting, whether you want to go modern, mid-century, contemporary, or all of the above! Fancy-shmancy!

Japanese-Inspired Bainbridge Island house dining room and kitchen

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The bathroom should be an extension of the bedroom, it makes the bedroom seem bigger and vice versa. Most often you go straight to the bathroom from your bedroom and back, so why not make it flow for your comfort. This might seem a bit odd but the design works! Also, you can easily distinguish the two interior spaces by applying the appropriate flooring if you decide on no doors! The modern bath is all about innovative design with a ‘less is more’ approach.


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If your bathroom is not as spacious, the best solution is to go modern, with elevated sinks and toilets to make the space not feel so cluttered and tight. No interior space is too small to design, possibilities are endless. A modern bath was never big on decor and accessories to make the interior space feel ‘full’. Consider using different materials and texture for the walls, it won’t even take up any room!

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The contemporary and modern design has a great appreciation for simplicity and functionality. The unique way in which each pieces were thoughtfully placed, creates sort of a feng shui, with its continuous movement and flow, not only in path but in the pieces themselves. The designed display definitely let’s each piece stand out, as they should all the time. Although this interior space is definitely modern and contemporary, it’s also giving an organic vibe that isn’t too cold. The perfect visual expression of serenity.

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William Morris once said, "Simplicity of life... is the very foundation of refinement…" Minimalism is inspired by nature, by designing pieces that celebrate the gently flowing water, displaying materials with unique grains of wood, and the earthy textures of stone. When designing your modern bath, you want to use calm and neutral colors. White, beige, and grays portray the clouds, sand, and a smooth river rock. We are a part of nature, not the other way around, and it’s high-time we learn to embrace it.

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