If you've ever had trouble editing the design of your bathroom just the way you want it, this new site is a blessing for you. The Blue Space was created by Josh Mammoliti, and allows you to find the specific washroom products you've been looking for.

Mammoliti set up the business to help people narrow down choices for renovation, and discussed the mission.

Photo Courtesy of The Blue Space

“The disconnect we see is that Australians find it hard to make their bathroom or kitchen dreams look like the pictures in reality. They often don’t know where to start. They need to shop at multiple places or fear making a wrong decision – especially given a wet area is not only a major investment, but you want it to be timeless for the next 10 to 15 years.”

If you don't know what you want, or have trouble deciding, The Blue Space allows you to purchase "packages", which are designed by local interior designers and made available at competitive prices.  

This is a very convenient tool, since the packages are already created by an interior designer and come with a variety of options. Another convenient service offered by Blue Space, allows customers to send pictures of their bathrooms to the staff, in exchange for recommendations that cater to the customers’ needs, and style preferences.

Mammoliti offered some input on why customers should choose his company over competitors.
“Bathrooms, laundries and kitchens are beautiful statement pieces in your home and a major investment, so it’s important to get it right.

All the packages and recommendations made, are based around the latest design trends, as a small team works to stay on top of the latest ideas and looks. Cut out the long, drawn out process of going from showroom to designer to contractor, and just have companies like the Blue Space do it all for you from your tablet or phone!

France and Son is an American company that specializes in bathroom furniture, decor, mirrors, and lighting….and for more information, chat with Astrid on the company website about how the perfect bathroom can be yours in no time!

Here a few options to consider when planning your project:

1. Make all the pieces have a function. Being it’s the smallest area of the house usually, it’s imperative to use every inch properly.

2. Pick a color scheme, or theme, and find the matching accessories to correspond.

3. Try some gold sinks, bathtubs, et cetera...for a more stately look than your run of the mill ceramic or silver.

4. Have France and Son provide the task lighting for you.

5. Add some softer fabrics to provide contrast for the cold, hardness of your various fixtures.

6. Consult MTV Cribs for some more ideas. Celebrities’ wives usually know how to put together an impressive-looking area for the john.

7. Adding technology like remote lighting and heated floors is something to consider.

8. Padding the walls with limestone and giving your bathroom a spa-like atmosphere is a choice for many design enthusiasts.

Source: Amy Collins Walker