The Bohemian style has been around for quite some time, in fashion, decor, and interiors. An alternate route for a more liberating eclectic aesthetic. For those who love plants and all living things with a more relaxed and calm atmosphere, the Bohemian style is what you’ve been looking for all along. A non-traditional and one of a kind design that is truly catered to your taste, there are no rules here. Mix matching your favorite pieces together in a tasteful manner is what how the Bohemian style came to be.

The use of various colors that will only compliment one another might be a tricky task but not impossible, to say the least. The Bohemian style can be done anywhere and everywhere, whether you’re living in an urban city like Manhattan or San Francisco, your home can be a place to escape reality, pretending to be on a vacation someplace far away, I’m not sure there’s anything that sounds better!

Welcome a hint of sophistication with gold accents and/or a shiny, velvet accent piece to give it an elegant upgrade, if you will. The Bohemian style loves natural elements, whether it’s with greenery or wood, it can give the space a sense of humbleness, not too intimidating or cold for visiting guests. It’s all about creating a balance between both, not to mention the one of a kind impression you’ll leave amongst your friends and family.

The smooth angles and curves in Kalifa High Coffee Table and Stool 60 gives the space a more inviting atmosphere compared to if it were to be sharp and pointy edges. The soft curves as if it were smooth transitions can ultimately portray an airy, flowy environment. Don’t forget to provide plenty of natural light, a big role you don’t want to ignore. Lighting sets the mood and in a Bohemian home, the tone and mood is just as important as the pieces you bring in.

The Boho Home is all about creating your own space, your humble abode, more so. Introducing unique patterns along with a wide range of beautiful colors can do just that. There’s no better way to have a statement piece that truly stands out from the rest than a multi-patterned sofa or chair. With a strong visual presence, this premium piece of furniture provides both an elegant look as well as optimal comfort. Emphasizing on functionality by constructing pieces to meet the important qualifications that all furniture must adhere to. The smooth silhouette of this design provides sophistication to any space.

Add a touch of Mid-century Modern to the space to tie it all together with a 3 legged table lamp such as the Farverige Frugt Drum Table Lamp, a colorful and uniquely patterned lamp, perfect in any kind of Bohemian styled space. The drum shaped shade perfectly diffuses light to create a warm and relaxing glow, creating the perfect balance of chic and beauty. This colorful lamp will lighten up your room whether it’s on or off.

Light up the sage for the ultimate Bohemian experience!


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