Natural roping, tinted glass, and pastel linens will transform any space into a beach paradise. Looking for some tips on how to make your home look like a coastal bungalow? We’ve got some inspiration for you, as well as hand picked pieces that will be sure to satisfy your inner mer-person! 




Pick a color scheme and run with it.
 Navy blues and beige not your thing? Go for simple bright whites, gold or silver accented metallics, and a nice bright pop of color, like a sky blue. Not only will white walls & furniture add air and light to a small space, but it adds a clean sophistication that looks effortless at the same time. 

Use natural fabrics and materials to add a more organic feel to your space.Handwoven furniture, jute baskets, and linen rugs are perfect for giving your space a bungalow feel through adding a natural elements and textures. 


Glass glass glass! Adding glass pieces to your space will add extra light through their reflective surfaces, serve as the display for your seashells, and channel sea glass commonly found along the shores of beaches. To add some more color, try tinted glass! 


Clockwise from L to R: Mother of Pearl TableSeaward ChandelierWerven Blue Velvet Wing ChairOsbourne Glass Dorm Round With Sea Life)

If you’re looking for the perfect staple beach inspired piece for your space, here are some pieces we’ve hand picked for you from our Atlantis Collection!  

Shades of blue, fibrous textures, and glass can really bring the beach into your space, so why not try it out these tips for yourself?