Build a Loft bed frame with pipes and wood:

For under $800 worth of materials, you could build a 84”H x 75’ L x 38”W Loft bed frame to hold a twin size mattress.

Here’s what you need:

5x Flange fittings

12x Single Socket Tee fittings

2x 90 Degree Elbow fittings

3x Side Outlet Elbow fittings

3x 90 Degree Side Outlet Tee fittings

4x M50 fittings

5x 84" Gator Tube

5x 38" Gator Tube

2x 75" Gator Tube

2x 49" Gator Tube

4x 24" Gator Tube

Follow the instructions in the above link, to assemble. Add a mattress, and decorate with with the help France and Son. We recommend the sky blue Alpaca throw blanket, and the 100% French linen,Skov decorative pillow.

Our Industrial Chic collection matches this look, to a tee. Be sure to look for more DIY projects, and leave the decorating to us.

Source: Simplified Building