Follow these tips to keep your wood looking factory fresh.

Wood: Keep the wood furniture away from extreme heat or direct sunlight, and out of attics or basements. The changes in temperature and humidity can have a detrimental effect.

For wooden tables or sidepieces, use coasters and hotplates to keep condensation and excessive heat from warping the finish. Placemats and tablecloths are recommended for further protection.

General maintenance calls for routine dusting. Use a slightly damp cloth, to avoid scratching. For more in-depth cleaning jobs, dilute a solution of oil soap and water and use some elbow grease and a natural sponge. An unsaturated cloth is good to dry the wood.

Polish or wax accordingly, based on type of wood or age of the wood. Wax leaves a more permanent coat, and polish is more for a quick-shine. See manufacturer’s recommendations for the desired effect.

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Source: HGTV