‘Space to Create’ is a brand new retail idea launched by Australian firm Dann Event Hire. They have taken the most demanded styles from large scale events, and made them available to homeowners.

The new retail store breaks into the market with a unique approach, introducing more colorful options for furniture and decor, as well as being the first company to incorporate copper finishes into interior designs.

Photo Courtesy of A Space to Create

Co-founder Francesca Gulino has stated that [her team] travels around the world to bring the most fashionable design trends to life, Some example ideas include the Australian Open and celebrity weddings.

“Space to Create’ has become very popular, very quickly, in Australia. Many lifestyle boutiques and homeowners alike, enjoy their beautifully designed furniture and accessories at affordable prices.

One of the founders, Francesca Gulino, elaborated on the company’s meteoric rise to prominence:

“In the event hire industry, everything was black and white with very boring colour palettes. We saw an opportunity as events are about colour and fun so we pushed boundaries in the industry to challenge the way people thought,” said Gulino. “We were working with amazing designers to create bespoke interiors and bring contemporary pieces to life, in colour.”

Co-founder, Nick Gulino also spoke about the reasons for setting up shop: “It was a no-brainer as we had all these people telling us they loved our product and were frustrated they couldn’t buy it for their own homes, so we knew there was an audience ready and waiting,”

Companies like Create your Space, owe themselves to the advancements in the affordability of various types of home furnishings, as well as the ease in which they could now be mass produced. The arts and crafts movement of the 1920s, allowed people of all income-levels access to different furniture pieces. Later, pioneers like Hans Wegner created simple, yet harmonious designs that were still compatible with widespread distribution.

Keeping in line with previous traditions, this kind of operation aims to “create functional pieces that are affordable and have enduring style.” What makes the company interesting is that instead of singular pieces, they’re providing input on the setup of an entire room.

Francesca elaborated further on Nick’s role within the company. “Nick is our creative director – he designs the products with his team and and they are then produced in-house and overseas.” Their company website features more information about their business ideas.

Comparatively speaking, New York-based furniture company France and Son provides a similar line of services to the American furniture and decor enthusiasts. All of their products are ready to ship as soon as possible, unlike most companies who don't have products already stocked, or assembled. In these cases, shipping sometimes takes weeks longer, and incurs extra unnecessary charges to the client.

It’s about creating a timeless, style. You can’t put a price on the individual pursuit of style and comfort.

Source: Amy Collins Walker