Finding the perfect area rug can be a simple task, after all... if you have a gameplan in mind.

How is your furniture arranged?

If the furniture is placed against the wall, the rug should stretch underneath the pieces, and extend outwards towards the center of the room.

Should the room have furniture centered? The area rug should be big enough so the furniture can be placed accordingly on the fabric of the rug.

Carpeting the dining room as well? Record the area measurements, and add a couple of feet(2-3) on each side for best results.

What kind of material are you working with?

Choose a more durable material for areas where people will be doing a lot of walking back and forth. You don’t want to have to replace the rug every couple of weeks!

Materials from natural sources like hemp, wool and cotton last longer and work better in these kind of areas. An alternative for the show-rugs would be tufted materials, or overdyed/distressed fabrics for a higher quality feel.

Choose a pattern or color based on the surrounding furniture or decor. Solid colors mix well with patterned designs, and vice-versa.

In conclusion, keep your rug securely in one spot by using rug pads or rug anchors.

Source: West Elm