It's easy to turn any home into a beautiful, echanted garden - with the right guide that is. Natural plants and materials can be tricky to decorate with, but heres a few tips to help you achieve your romantic flowering home with ease!


Achieve a multi-leved design
by placing some smaller plants on shelves and larger ones on the floor, this will add dimension and excitement to your room, as well as add an over-grown and lived in-feel. Having live plants surrounding you won't only help you breathe better, it will create a super boho chic environment for you and your guests!

Not a lot of wall space? Don't worry! Buy buying or upcling smaller shelving units, you can still have a lot of plants in a smaller space, and keep it chic. You can even put the plants that need more sun on the top!


Don't have a green thumb but love the look of foliage? Skip the plastic looking faux flowers and try hanging botanical inspired wall art instead! Floral prints, posters of ferns, or glass slides of dried plants shown above would be a great way to bring the garden home without any of the dirt or bugs!


Clockwise from L to R: Delightful Poppies Floral Art, Hatfield Bench, Vivid Modern Pouf Ottoman II, Willow Topiary Preserved Boxwood )

If you’re looking for the perfect nature inspired piece for your space, here are some pieces we’ve hand picked for you from our Secret Garden Collection!