Many interior designers are going with a few popular ideas when finalizing a theme for their clients’ homes.

We’re seeing more and more examples of black stainless steel, formal dining rooms, and marble/matte finishes. Let France and Son be your outfitter for the above suggestions, so you too can style your home like the professionals.

The Black Stainless Steel ensemble can be achieved with this Magnus dining table, and accompanying scavo black chargers for place setting.  Why not an acropolis serving cart on the side as well? This all might appear silver and black, but it's more than enough to make a steel mogul like Andrew Carnegie green with envy.

Formalize the entire collection with these steel side chairs.

Marble and Matte are also making a comeback. France and son offers a number of coffee tables, side tables, and dining tables, in a spectacular marble finish.

Sinks, tubs, and lamps are some options for the matte surface.

This Modern Rutger True Solid Surface Smoking Tub comes in a Matte white, and is a more durable option than acrylic.

Pair that with a Fireplay Matte Black Sink for maximum effect.

France and Son will help you achieve whichever trendy look you’re going for.

Source: Bridget Mallon