Eye-catching contributions in furniture style have come from European interior designers and artists, over the years. Names like Serge Mouille, Pierre Paulin and Achille Castiglioni come to mind when choosing a particular style to decorate a home, especially for the younger population.

Simple, yet symmetrical armchair designs, coupled with floor light fixtures to set the ambience, are always a good combination when drawing from the European inspiration. Minimize the space being occupied, but maximize the impression that this kind of setup will leave with your houseguests.

Stillnovo's sharp floor lighting options put a new spin on a classic look, and offers something to complement pieces that come in any texture, color, or style.

Design Tips

The eclectic style allows the decorator some freedom to express themselves through a mix of pieces, based on personal preference. For example in the picture below, the sofa on the right is from the Jean-Marie Massaud collection. Modern.

The antique portrait really pops out against that grey-scale wall, and provides a historical, and color contrast from the newly-designed sofa. The grey area rug provides a sort of creative template from the ground up, further brought to life by the arrangements of the adjacent furniture.

The key is proper space management, without going too overboard with the accessories. The result? Indisputable "Feng Shui."

For more inspiration, take a look at our Euro Eclectic moodboard, and Shop our collection here!

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