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We’re sad to see the iconic, Four Seasons restaurant move its location, on the other hand we can’t wait to see what’s in store for their new place at 280 Park! The restaurant was a tradition for many, whether it was a weekly brunch with your girlfriends, business meetings done with a little booze, or celebrations and anniversaries with family and friends, it’s safe to say an abundance of memories we’re formed and created in this special place. Everything about the Four Seasons Restaurant was impeccable, from the food to the interior space and layout. “Spectacular, modern, and audacious, both in food and in menu.” raved The New York Times food critic, Craig Clairborne. The Four Seasons restaurant will update their 6 month long renovation of their new location through their social media platforms, we can’t wait to see the progress and end result! We know it’ll be spectacular, to say the least.

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It’s no wonder since world renowned designers and architects like Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Phillip Johnson oversaw the interior and exterior, perfection is implied.  Craig Clairborne stated that the restaurant is one of the world’s costliest, running a tab of $4.5 million, in today’s dollars that would be $37 million! I believe in this case, it was well worth the money, considering how much they have grown over the six decades, mentioned in all sorts of outlets by millions, fame was just around the corner. The Four Seasons is the most talk about restaurant, for reasons that are obvious.

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The award winning restaurant will be missed by many, if not all. The Mid-century Modern atmosphere brought out the nostalgia in all of us. If you had the pleasure of dining at the Four Seasons one last time or even attending their last event, “Party like it’s 1959” it’s inevitable to take in all the wondrous elements of the place and going back in time. The two public dining rooms set different vibes; the Pool Room was airy and bright, perfect for those 3 cocktail lunches and the Grill Room known to have taken many Power Lunches for executives and professionals had a more masculine touch. Not only was the decor top-notch but the food as well, New York Times raved “one bite is enough to make you moan.” We hope that with their move, nothing will be compromised.

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For those who made this place their regular go-to, they can buy a piece for memento in the auctioning. Be prepared to spend a good amount, but who’s to say what kind of price amount is worth spending on sentimental values. Classic Mid-century Modern pieces designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe Barcelona chairs, Eero SaarinenTulip Tables, Knoll, season specific ashtrays, cocktail sets, tableware  and more are being auctioned off after six decades of commercial use, a life-time guarantee seems to apply! We’re just curious as to who will bid and outbid these pieces, they seem to be priceless considering the infinite memories and occasions it has been through!

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