Wall frames provide a more lasting, and a more finely crafted option than a computer, tablet, or smartphone for showing your favorite pictures and artwork.

A staple in most homes, in any culture, is the family portrait. Whether in black and white or technicolor; anytime the whole pack can together in one picture frame will never fail to impress the houseguests.

Create yourself a quiet area and reflect on the life you’ve built with your progeny in a Mid-century Modern arm chair, of course.

The frame can also be used for contouring the room, and as an artistic focal point for the most photogenic of family members. In the photograph above, we see some comfortable looking couches combining with the two wood-accented frames, adding a layer of visual depth to the walls.

Different forms of artistic expression can be utilized within a frame’s borders. Notice the wide range of imagery in the wall shown above. There’s also a lot of flexibility in terms of the materials used to construct frames(wood, metal, plastic, etc..

The use of frames encourages a sense of personalization. We can almost get a feel for the type of person that lives in the room shown above, because of the medley of artwork hanging above the Mid-century Modern dresser.

Generous Frame of Mind
A frame/photograph combination always makes a great gift to commemorate a friendship, a vacation, or an embarrassing moment caught just in the nick of time, by the graces of good luck and fast shutter speed.

You can put your own photography, or professional quality prints in any frame that suits your preferences. Should you not want to scuff up the walls with nail holes, you can always use a stand-up frame on a desk, or coffee table. Same effect with less effort and maintenance.

Source: Emily Osmond