The growing buzz about multi-use furniture, tapping into online markets, higher demands for luxury, and a widespread move towards more sustainable production methods are just some of the points being talked about by buyers and designers throughout the industry.

France and Son has been ahead of the curve in regards to all of these trends. Their collections of voguish, multi-use sofabeds, sleepers and sectionals - are produced in a swathe of color combinations, and can be placed anywhere in the household.

Combine one of those with a rotating wall lamp to achieve just the right kind of lighting, and a luxury chaise to lounge about on, and you'll have the classiest spot in town.

If accessories are your thing, check out the storage pieces, cadenzas, and other versatile sideboards you can use as a platform for a television, or as a bookshelf.

Of course, all 7000 of our curated products offered on the website are hand-crafted in-house, using ecologically friendly materials.

Source: Caitlin Stewart