Chicago-based interior/architectural design and fabrication firm blocHaus called upon several of France and Son’s Mid-century Modern offerings to furnish a 20-seat liquorette, located in the city’s Bucktown neighborhood. The liquorette is called “1952 1/2” and specializes in serving American whiskies and whipping up southern-inspired cocktail favorites like the Mint Julep.

BlocHaus chose the Fauteuil Direction Arm Chair for outfitting the establishment. This particular Mid-century Modern dining chair features a sleek, black look with wood accents...perfect for a quaint, elegant spot like a Chi-town whiskey bar. Just hope the ghost of Al Capone doesn’t show up to drink all the scotch and scare all the patrons away.

The floor plan utilized the chairs in side-by-side rows, opposite a velvet, tufted booth couch. Looks like a choice area for a chilled glass of Evan Williams and a Po’ Boy.

You pick up the tab, this time.

blocHaus has worked with a lot of restaurants, hotels, and other establishments around the hospitality industry. France and Son’s furniture styles mesh nicely within the context of their creative visions, and provide nonpareil comfort for those enjoying their downtime out on the town.