The French Riviera, known to be one of the first modern resort areas has been attracting people from all over the world. From celebrities like Elton John to British royalty and aristocrats like Queen Victoria and King Edward VII. It’s no wonder the homes on the mediterranean coastline has a diversity of influences ranging from Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Morocco, Turkey and Egypt. It’s pretty obvious why the French Riviera has always been the ‘go-to’ destination, the style appeals to a wide audience because it has bits and pieces of many different cultures from all around the world. Nevertheless, no matter how different the cultures may be, the cozy, airy, and warm atmosphere remains!

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Sean Dix Standard Two Seater Sofa

Sean Dix Standard Lounge Chair - Beige

Marconi Spotlight II

Bobotu Coffee Table with Dual Storage

Frisco 1 Light Rustic Wall Sconce

Layla Antique Candleholder


Mid-century modern design has become the ‘must-have’ style for a while now, and has eventually made its way to the French Riviera and could not have asked for a better interior. The natural materials that the mid-century modern era loves, brings the outdoors, indoors. Making the two spaces, one. The space mimics the outdoors with a few but strong and essential pieces.

Japanese-Inspired Bainbridge Island house dining room and kitchen

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Forte Rectangular Dining Table

Fiberglass DSR Dining Chair - Matte White

The Pedar Suspension Lamp

Drongos Oval Mirror

Luna Footed Oval Bowl

We can all appreciate the styles way back when, but sometimes a little upgrade can do wonders for a space. Giving it a twist to the classic and traditional style with a modern and chic design can be the direction you’ve been looking for all along. It’s edgy, sexy, and charming; it’s French Riviera! It’s by far different from anything you’d expect to actually come together but that’s mid-century modern design’s specialty.


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Boros Metal Tray

Legolas Mirrored Trays, Set/3

Van Thiel & Co. Dowager Balmoral's Wing Chair-Ardennes

Cinnard Pendant Lamp

Idetta Dining Table - 95"

Louis Ghost Chair - Transparent Acrylic Dining Arm Chair


The French Riviera isn’t all about fancy decor and lifestyle, this cozy coastal cottage takes advantage of its surroundings and provides a more humbling atmosphere. The French Riviera is populated with more than half of foreign residents that we forget the real treasures of what makes the mediterranean coastline so special. Although this space has welcomed the modern lifestyle, they have preserved the natural beauty and elegance of southern France.

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Mid Century Blonde Dining Table - Natural Color

Ant Dining Side Chair - White

Corwin Pendant Lamp - Gold Interior

Traditional Turmeric Vinyl

Dinnerware Set NO. "Three", 4 Pieces


This home in the French Riviera has completely changed the interiors into a more modern and minimalist decor without sacrificing comfort. The use of various textures and materials makes this space definitely desirable with its stylish and chic interior. A very bold and strong character with a ‘less is more’ approach makes this open layout that much better. This home is definitely unexpected in such places like the French Riviera, but by all means we can all use a pleasant surprise!

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Evon Sectional Sofa - Beige

AJ Floor Lamp - White

Pascal Dining Table Polished Stainless Steel


Who doesn’t love all things mid-century modern, am I right? Proving time and time again that it goes well wherever you are. The warmness, cozyness, and airiness without it being too overwhelming is what all spaces aim for. This space also adapts a semi-bohemian style with floor cushions and lower than usual coffee table that is anything but uncomfortable. With the floor to ceiling windows it’s as if you were outside, too!

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Overman Pod Chair - Grey

Tripode G5 Floor Lamp - Black

DSR Chair - White

The Allene Dining Table

Tynd Long Coffee Table


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