A recent trend in Furniture design has incorporated unusual materials in manufacturing, and the dual-functionality of furniture as modes of artistic expression. France and Son offers a line of pieces, as well as wall paintings, and decor-enhancing items that will bring out the inner artist in you.

The Renata 2 piece sectional incorporates a pristine white look, with dark lines along the edges for contrast. It will give you a fresh perspective on your household furniture.

Match the Renata piece with these aluminum, powder coated planters to sprinkle some hints of flora onto your black and white canvass.

If you prefer a little more color:

This corner piece can be used as a standalone armchair, or part of a sectional arrangement. The lush fabric will  attract a lot of attention and paint the house red.

This wall swatch can compliment your multicolor furniture quite nicely.

The Verdillino lamp was sculpted with the use of Moss-stone and Rust Bronze for a centuries-old, quarry look. A work of art, in the world of lighting.

These antique Angel sculptures utilize nickel, and are much more pleasant to decorate with than the 5-cent coin.

This Da Vinci inspired, wooden Octahedron sculpture pays tribute to geometric balance, molecular science, and incorporates a honey-oak finish to bring it all together.

Whatever artistic style, or type of material you prefer, France and Son will deliver the goods.

Source: Jenny Dalton