A new motif in adaptable office furniture has sprung about, relying on raw, natural wood looks that can change shape and structure to fit the unpredictable needs of the space being used.

While practical in design and use, these models can leave the workspace looking like a city construction site. France and Son has a line of office furniture in a similar mold, but with a more finished look. These pieces can offer a better sense of object permanence, and bring out the innate energy of your office.

Perfect for the creative-type offices, the France and Son Reclaimed Fishtail Oak Adjustable Drafting Table is a great choice for architects,illustrators,or anybody looking to tie up the loose ends in their home study. The work surface can fold up for additional storage space.

A true chameleon, just more pleasant on the eyes. The Ferris Work station can serve as a desk, bench, or a dining surface in the center of a workspace, or against the wall. Throw some cushions on there and take a nap, too. Just don’t blame us if your boss sees you...

In addition to desks, and workspaces, France and Son showcases an entire collection of products in the industrial chic genre. Outfit your office with all the proper lighting, seating arrangements, and accessories to get the job done, in enviable style.

Source: Caroline Williamson