Geographically speaking, Denmark consists of two adjacent landmasses, surrounded by waters once roamed by enterprising Viking ships. The southern edge of the peninsula, connects to the northern part of Germany, and juts out into the North Sea. Its second area, is an island. Denmark is separated from Sweden by a strait’s length, and a stone’s throw of a bridge crossing.


When you think of Denmark, you might think of fairy tales by Hans Christian Anderson, or those delicious Danish butter cookies your mother always brings home. But really, Denmark has produced some of the most eminent and widespread furniture designers in the known world. The country has such deep roots in that industry, that there’s even a museum in the capital of Copenhagen, dedicated to outstanding chair design.


Danish-style shares a lot in common with the conventional elements of Scandinavian, with a minimalist approach and a limit on accentuation. A difference is more of a reliance on use of wood, instead of polished metals, or traditional upholstery. Quality craftsmanship is something that stands out in the Danish tradition.

Wegner, arguably one of the most prolific furniture minds of all time, conjured up over 100 types of chairs, and his role was paramount in the mass production and affordability of the day’s newest pieces. His world-famous hoop chair, shell chair, wood sawhorse chair, and  wishbone chair, are omnipresent in the Danish-style and have been replicated time and time again by furniture companies and designers.


Poul Henningsen had a passion for all things lamps, and his designs were geared toward recreating the soft, and dramatic glow of a gaslight he had as a youth. Another Poul, Poul Kjaerholm, tried to break away from the reliance on wood, and had more of an interest in polished steel. He appreciated the industrial feel, and the way the metal refracted light from its source.

This summer, see what gems, the Danish Classics have to offer. The best in design trends, from the furniture capital of the world, for any type of decor.

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