A bare wall is usually a boring wall. When you’re hanging the wall art, picture frames, mirrors, etc..make sure you consider a few details. And don’t destroy the place, either.

Lining up a spot that's closest to eye-level is crucial, so passersby won't have to worry about straining themselves to see the action. Use a laser for surgical precision, to keep pieces on the same line across the wall.

Use a blank piece of paper that’s scaled to the size of whatever you're hanging, to set up the exact spots where you’ll be applying the hardware. This way you don't have to hold up the real thing while you’re making your marks for measurement, or drilling holes in the wall.

Most items of lighter weight, will require just a hammer and nail, a single screw, or a drill to affix . Heavier stuff, and items of high value or fragility, however, will require you to mount a bracket to the wall for extra support. Find out beforehand, the appropriate size bracket, based on the kind of art or frame you’re hanging. Use a stud finder to locate the sturdiest spots for the set-up. Now, hammer away like a champ.

Add some bits of felt to the corners of the frames, or adhesive strips to protect the walls from cosmetic damage. Sit back, and enjoy.

Source: Alan Henry