The garden is a place where you can be one with nature, and engage in an inspiring world of organic productivity. 

Here a few ways to enhance the flavor of your garden-variety garden.

Setting up a green room, or a “California Room”, is a solid way to blend the indoor and outdoor. Think of a more aesthetically pleasing greenhouse, but with better Mid-Century Modern Furniture and none of those drone-ish attendants in those creepy suits walking around.

Bust out the Rustic

Bricks and gardens seem to go together, like peanut butter and jelly, or Hall and Oates. Here, a brick wall acts as a solid, immovable base for the ivy/shrubbery being tended to.

Consult your local brick or masonry shop for tips on how to set up your own brick structure, and then add the topsoil, plant food, fertilizer, and some TLC.

Vintage Furniture placed alongside your brick-faced extras, and botanical creations will amplify that old-fashioned, elegant look.

Giving yourself an area to relax and take a break while you’re not doing the gardening is crucial for a good balance. After all, what good are all the ‘fruits of your labor’ if you can’t fully enjoy the process.

The above features a little niche with an old fashioned dining table, and quality Lighting affixed to the roof to enhance the whole scene after dark.

Use wicker furniture to blend in with the earthy tones of the surrounding plant life.

This above scene would be perfect for a breezeway or an apartment courtyard. Patterned green pillows can provide a color-matching layer of texture to the wicker chair, furthering the goal of the “green-thumb” inspired aesthetic.

Take some input from your family members to see how you can gather the best possible collection of accessories and creative ideas for your do it yourself garden projects.

Source: Emily Osmond