Steampunk is a fantasy momvement that mixes the old and the new. It is inspired by traditional Victorian interiors and a dystopian, hand made, industrial aesthetic. Think cogs, fob watches, steam power and copper piping, paired with Victorian chaise lounges, ottomans and corset-adorned cyberpunks . Its Downton Abbey meets Mad Max. This futuristic, dystopian aesthetic can work in industrial, modern, traditional, or contemporary interiors.


Photo courtesy Renee Arns


This rugged industrial table, paired with metal industrial chairs and a commercial floor lamp creates a fantastic, contemporary Steampunk aesthetic.


Get the look here:
Vrist Dining Side Chair
Marconi Spotlight



Photo courtesy of SF Girl


When you need to refashion your computer into a typewriter worthy of a cyberpunk, you're going to need a workshop. This interior encapsulates the modern steampunk workspace, with a rugged industrial work table and and chair, that look straight out of the Victorian era.


Get the look here:
Hughes Rupert Rustic Work Table
Gaelle Industrial Side Chair
Bobol Pendant Lamp



Photo courtesy of House and Garden UK


This interior is delectably modern steampunk, combining soft worn leather and industrial accents, to create a mix of old and new; an indefinable era.


Get the look here:
Carnegie Heathrow Loung Chair
Aero Glass Top Accent Table


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