Everybody loves a relaxing, party-type environment. Why not bring that experience home, to your very own backyard(with a handful of friends, of course)? Or if you live in an apartment - the balcony or courtyard works just as well.    

Here’s exactly how to make your space feel like life on a hillside villa, overlooking the Adriatic. Or if tropical is more your cup of tea….a floating bungalow in Bora Bora. The choice is yours.

Photo courtesy of Serafín Mobiliario

Clear away clutter and unnecessary trash. This way you have a blank slate, ample room to work with, and the peace of mind knowing you’re not a full-time hoarder.

Find the right arrangement that works for your backdrop. If you have a backyard in a residential area, with concrete? A tent canope, or an above-ground pool is great central element to work around. A  Florida Room, which is an enclosed room, separated from the rest of the house. It basically serves as an indoor/outdoor link, and is a great option as well for these kind of yards. Throw in a card table, comfortable seating, a television, and a stereo system.

Photo courtesy of gessato

Decks and patios, whether at ground level, or elevated are always a desirable place to hang out. “Deck” them out according to your taste, the size available, and usual number of loiterers. Don’t forget the grill, the seasonings, and the skirt steak.

Mostly grass and a larger area? Take advantage of the space with a bonfire pit, and set up areas to play competitive games with your family, friends, guests, and nearby wild animals. Just avoid the rabid ones. Rim the perimeter areas with some Citronella torches to keep the bugs away.

Backyard on a beach, or a lake? You’ll want to showcase the elements in these kinds of picturesque settings. Lounge-style furniture like a hammock, outdoor chaise, sectional sofas(and anything that resembles what Rick’s Cafe in Negril might have) will be more than adequate. As for plantlife? Palm trees are the icing on the cake.

Photo courtesy of Interiors Addict

A balcony is limited in space, but limiting the punch doesn't have to be necessary. Get a few comfortable chairs, an inviting coffee table, and light the area with some hanging party lights to give it that New Orleans, Mardi Gras look.

Even if you’re homeless or of the nomadic variety, you can still capture that celebratory vibe in your favorite local parking lot. A hibachi, some plastic chairs from your nearby Sears, a 12-pack of Natty, and some like-minded fellows...are all you need to go right to work.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Speaking of work...after a hard day of grueling responsibility, your backyard should be the most happening, and most FESTIVE venue in town.

Source: Jen Stanbrook