Bathrooms from older houses are smaller than usual. Since space is limited, here are a handful of tips for making the most of your petite bathroom.

1 Keep it simple. Don't try to compensate for a small bathroom with complex designs and less functionality. Modern furniture style glass pieces would be ideal for this small of a setting, and go as minimalist as possible.

Focus on something that is easy to clean, easy to use, and easy to do work on.

Notice the multifunctional, free-standing modern bathtub piece...

2 Something about natural colors and textures just fit in a bathroom. Stone, wood and natural colors make the most sense when you’re decorating.

3 No curtains or drapes. With all the showering and bathing you'll be doing (I hope), water vapor will get into the air and into said drapes or curtains. They will become moldy very quickly, and will make people avoid trips to the bathroom. Additionally, they take up too much visual attention away from the other elements, and disrupt the balance of your presentation.

You might want to consider different varieties of covering for the windows, like shutters, that are much easier to clean. They also do a better job controlling the amount of sunlight you want to allow into the bathroom.

Fixture Me Up

Pay close attention to the fixtures you use. The faucet/bathtub/sinks must fit in well with the textures you choose(glossy, matte, etc), and the surrounding color scheme. Keep the lighting on point to eliminate any shadows in the room, and allow all your favorite elements to pop. You may also want to match the theme with the rest of the house.

If you have a low ceiling, opt for a vertical floor lamp rather than wall or ceiling lighting, as this will give an illusion of more space. Modern lighting is the perfect option for said condition.

The Elegant in the Room

5 For such a small area, any extras will become an additional burden to manage. There are certain surfaces, like onyx, granite, marble, etc...that are flat, visually stunning, and easy to clean. When you're thinking of ideas for your floors, countertops, or wall-tile for the showers, the aforementioned should be your starting point.

Straight out of the sauna...


Scandi-Eye Candy

6 Scandinavian style is a great option for smaller spaces. It utilizes the natural color scheme suggestion we had earlier, and it incorporates the precision of a multifunctional but minimalist, mid-century modern furniture design. Sharp angles, wood accents, sharp look...

The shelf underneath the above sink, adds room to throw a few towels, place any knick-knacks, and save valuable space.



Four ‘Store’ and Seven Cabinets Ago..

Keep the small space organized, for easy accessibility. Some good storage ideas include cabinets, mid-century sideboards, a tower, a ladder, hanging pegs (for towels, garments), etc,


Source: Jen Stanbrook