Industrial interior design is all about the exposed building materials such as piping, ducts, brick walls, and concrete floors. More often than not, all of these features are covered for a clean and simple interior that makes the space feel finished. Industrial design has embraced the materials and it has become a trending aesthetic that many people love. The raw and edgy personality has made the industrial design unique with complimenting materials to make the space feel just right.


The style and theme of industrial design began when industrial spaces, such as factories and warehouses, were being converted into residential living. The exposed materials were a reminder of what the building's original purpose was, and soon gained popularity for it. Some say it was a liberating strategy for any further construction. The raw and exposed materials started as a necessity and then a style many people desire and adore.

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The Good Form French Outdoor Dining Table

Cerin Pendant Lamp

Brendon Table Lamp - Small

Gaelle Adjustable Bar and Counter Stool: 24.5" - 29"

Standard Chair - Black and Walnut

Alva Arm Chair

Marais Side Chair - Gunmetal


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Adjustable Drafting Table made with Reclaimed Fishtail Oak and Steel

Egg Chair - Black

Antique Corkscrews Vintage Art, S/4

Erkerd Coffee Table Ottoman

Vise Pendant Lamp - Large


The Industrial theme is known to use neutral colors due to the lack of ‘friendly’ colors, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the space lively and enjoyable for all types of people and ages. Design the space in such a way that will appeal to everyone by displaying multi-colored art pieces and even colored industrial chairs to spruce it up. Industrial design can be more on the masculine side, with a touch of vibrant colors, it will give the perfect blend of masculinity and femininity!

Japanese-Inspired Bainbridge Island house dining room and kitchen

Photo courtesy of Mechant Studio

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Fritz Side Chair

Standard Chair - Black with Grey Upholstered Seat

Standard Chair - White and Walnut

Standard Chair - Red

Leon Dining Table Distressed Natural

LN Color Burst 1 Picture


Japanese-Inspired Bainbridge Island house dining room and kitchen

Photo courtesy of ALQUIMIA DECO

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Van Thiel & Co. Dowager Balmoral's Wing Chair-Ardennes

AT303 X-Base Dining Table

Hachiro Floor Lamp Steel

BC LOVE Poster black and white


With all the exposed materials consisting of different materials and texture, the interior space can come off as busy and not as harmonious as a space should be. If you’re the type who appreciates minimalism, choose your pieces that eliminate unnecessary elements such as the eiffel's chair by Eames or any Hans Wegner dining chairs for a mid-century modern, industrial interior space. It’s also important to use materials that will compliment the metals and woods that are already built in the space.

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DSR Chair - Black

PP58/3 Dining Side Chair - Black

Wire Chair with Seat Pad DKR.5

Lampadina 2 Pendant Light

Shirong Floor Lamp Steel

Volterra Chip & Dip Tray (New)

No. "Ninety Four", Set of 9


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Sister Coffee Table

Ullerslev Lounge Chair - Black

Honesta Ottoman


The industrial design’s has a distinguished style for lighting fixtures. All inspired by the metal piping and ducts. Just like the raw interior space, the lighting designs has also cut down to showcase the beautiful and charming aesthetic of the light bulb itself, and sometimes more often than not, use metal covers with chains. Keep in mind that when shopping for your light bulbs, it isn’t as bright as most styles desire, you want to keep it dim and low key and let the natural light do the rest.

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Spotlantern Pendant Lamp

Blok Freeform Dining Table - 79"

Marais Arm Chair - Gunmetal

Marais Side Chair - Gunmetal

Light Gray Italian Herringbone Throw

Freeform Blok Bench - 67"


Photo courtesy of paulinaarchklin

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Cinnard Pendant Lamp

Bobol Pendant Lamp - Chrome

Glorb Pendant Lamp

Ceara Pendant Lamp

DeWitt Chrome Pendant Lamp

Cerin Pendant Lamp

Bluff Town Pendant Lamp

Spotlantern Pendant Lamp

Sepia Leaf Study Wall Art, Set/4


An industrial interior has a dark and edgy vibe that can portray as a little intimidating with its sharp edges and heavy materials. Adding greenery will soften the space, creating an airy, homey, and welcoming vibe. For a softer look, consider using light colors woods. It will beautifully blend industrial with a slightly barnhouse and rustic feel. Bringing in decorative rug can also blend in a little bohemian. For once, you can have it all!

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CH24 Wishbone Y Chair - Black with Natural Seat

Blok Freeform Dining Table - 118"

5.5 Traveller's Palm Tree

6.5' Green Bamboo Tree

Miquel Pendant Lamp - Copper

Traditional Pepperberry Vinyl


Photo courtesy of ARCHI TONIC

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Cerin Pendant Lamp

Cavan Pendant Lamp with Gold Interior

Glorb Pendant Lamp

Mach Bar Chair Black

The Devyn Clock - Black

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