The 1960s and 1970s saw a wave of pop-art inspired loud colors, that can add more visual excitement to any room of the house.

Pop-art was a movement that utilizes modes of popular culture, like advertising, news, comic books, or everyday items like the “Campbell’s Soup” can. It’s certainly one of the more well-known, and relatable international art forms.

You might have heard of names like Roy Lichtenstein, who did a lot of comic book parodies, and Andy Warhol, who was initially responsible for the Campbell’s can drawing. Warhol also drew portraits of celebrities like Marilyn Monroe. This kind of material looks great in museums, or on your walls.

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Colors worth experimenting with, are different varieties of pink, magenta, and indigo. These are lesser used in most interior design schemes, yet make a big difference in flashiness. Believe it or not, they also look great when paired with other colors that wouldn't normally mesh.

“Pink has become an interior staple this year. Lean towards mauve, pair it with clashing colour and unconventional furniture pieces to give it an edge,” says Dulux creative consultant and stylist Bree Leech.

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Additionally, dark blue shades, like azure, or cobalt, bring a peaceful energy to the room. We think it looks best in bedrooms, dens, and other areas where you would want some quiet time and peaceful relaxation. The hue mimics the effects of a clear sky, or an ocean breeze blowing over a calm body of water. Add a comfortable chaise lounge or a sectional to the area, and throw Miles Davis’ “Blue in Green” on repeat to maximize the “blue” effect.

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“The 2016 spring palette is a move away from last year’s muted, earthy tones. Heading into spring, we will feel energised and refreshed with a much brighter palette that incorporates pop colours,” says Dulux colour expert Andrea Lucena-Orr.

Lucena-Orr urges enthusiasts to try their hand at colors that will stand out. “Don’t feel afraid to use bolder colors this spring. With the dawn of new life, spring offers luscious greens and striking floral hues with an opportunity to bring a fresh essence into your space. Most importantly, ensure the colour you’ve selected is perfect for your home to create a sanctuary that you will love.”

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A staple in minimalist layouts, but great as a compliment in the above situations - white can work in any situation, at any time. It brings out the darker colors around it, or can act as part of a white-on-white theme. White works best for doors, mouldings, ceilings, etc. Lucena-Orr elaborates:

“Have some fun as we head toward spring and create a fresh and airy look by accessorising a lighter background with brighter pops of colour, or introduce a dramatic look with a darker background then highlight with light and vibrant accessories,”

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Geometric designs are tremendous anywhere you put them. Decorative pillows, wall paper, and shelving are also trends to consider, and leave a lot of room for experimentation.

Try out some of these color suggestions and see how much more lively your interior decoration ideas become.

Source: Amy Collins Walker