It will serve you to note the size and scope of your living room, when choosing a proper layout that works best for your home.

A good tool to compare and contrast different ideas, is the Planner/Roomsketcher. Tinker around with different setups, and see what looks the best. Long, open and square are the most common distinctions for your average living room, and here’s what we suggest for each.

Long rooms can feel very tight in terms of space if you don't incorporate a mix of space-saving furniture pieces. You don’t want the room to feel like an empty, lonely hallway either, so plan accordingly. Thin couches, and longer tables work best to complement the elongated work area.

Open living rooms usually share space with an adjacent room, like a dining room, or a guest room. Clusters of small chairs, tables, and decorative elements(known as vignettes) work best to give a tight-knit feel, and the idea of multiple things happening at once. Maybe one area for television watching, another area for reading or for quiet conversation.

Lastly, the square-shaped rooms are a bit trickier. Center the furniture, area rugs, and tables to get them away from crowded corners. Throw some artwork or pictures on the walls. Draw the line at some point, though because too much in one area can make the room feel squeezed and uncomfortable.

Source: Jeannie Matteucci