The mid-century era considered outdoor living to be a necessity. Originating in the Palm Springs, where the warm, dry winter season made the outdoors enjoyable for entertaining. The mid-century modern homes have a special relationship to the garden, which made the design literally open to the landscape.  Because the mid-century era spent half their times outside, outdoor furniture and decor is made with the same dedication and thought as indoor designs. Outdoor living deserves the same approach as the interior of a home. And a home is not complete without setting the mood and tone of its surroundings.

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The Good Form French Outdoor Dining Table

Kian Outdoor Lounge Chair

The Nordland Bench


Outdoor spaces should never be filled with a piece of furniture or decor, it needs to be spacious with plenty of room to entertain, creating one large space for multiple activities. It’s all about the flow and movement that also adapts its surroundings. Nature plays a big part, let it be the main element to your outdoor living.

Japanese-Inspired Bainbridge Island house dining room and kitchen

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Fiberglass DSR Dining Chair - Matte White

The Good Form French Outdoor Dining Table

Delray Reclining Single Seat Brown

The mid-century era was clever about the design of the outdoor space by incorporating a roof and at the same time leaving the floor space extend to the garden. The outdoor living was designed in such a way that could be used for dining, relaxing, and more; whether it would be on a rainy day or a perfect, sunny, warm weather, nothing stopped the mid-century era for entertaining!


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Molded Plywood Coffee Table

LCW Molded Plywood Lounge Chair Wood Base

LCW Molded Plywood Lounge Chair with Cowhide Upholstery

The Allene Dining Table

Diamond Chair - Black Leather


It’s pretty obvious that no matter which era you live in, natural light has always been an important factor when it comes to your home, or anything for that matter. It automatically puts you in a good mood, and who wouldn’t want that. Keep in mind when decorating your outdoor space, you never want to add too many strong colors because nature already makes the space feel lively. The greener, the better!

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RAR Molded Plastic Rocking Chair - Beige

Tulip Side Table - Walnut Top

DSW Plastic Molded Eiffel Chair

Delray Reclining Single Seat Brown


If you’ve got a view worth looking at, why not be a part of it? You can enjoy so many things when you’re lounging outdoors; the view, the weather, and of course, your company! It’s important to have furniture that’s comfortable for everyone to sit in for hours! When deciding on what kind of furniture you want, comfort should be the priority, then comes color and material, you want it to give off a cool and relaxing vibe. White is definitely a safer way to go, along with light shades of grey and some decorative pillow to bring it all together!

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60" Platform Bench - Light Walnut

The Devisser Foot Stool - Outdoor Ottoman

The Dagen Sofa Sectional - Outdoor

Dempsey Dining Armchair - Outdoor

The Arro Planter Alto - Bisque


If your outdoor space isn’t as big, don’t worry. “Where there is a will, there is a way.” Allowing the space to be an intimate atmosphere, brings people closer together! Using natural colors and organically shaped materials makes the outdoor space a part of nature, which is what you should aim for when decorating your outdoor space. Let nature and your pieces compliment each other for the best experience!

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The Lorenz Extendable Coffee/Dining Table

Kaelin Sofa - Outdoor

Kaelin Lounge Chair - Outdoor