The artform of Contemporary Lighting often goes unnoticed when we’re faced with the task of interior design and decoration. Inexperience, or a lack of attention to detail can result in a hyperfocus on the Modern Furniture instead of the lights. This common error can throw off the visual balance of the entire scene.

Here are some ideas for appropriately lighting each room of the “cribbo.”

Larger Rooms
We’re going to want a good combination of light sources for the den, basement, or the living room. Ceiling lights, wall lights and floor lamps can be combined one way or another for that perfect effect. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different brightness levels or lamp heights.

Notice in the above photograph, the wall tiles are accented with track lights. This subtle touch really draws the eye towards the back of the room, but doesn’t dominate whole interior.

Dining Areas
For your dining rooms, kitchens, and bar-areas: centralized lighting is suggested. Many of us have been in houses where clusters of pendant lights directly above the dining room table. An arrangement like this is both attractive and functional.

For countertops, task lighting is crucial. Throw a few hanging lights or flush mounts above your sinks, stoves, cutting boards, center islands, and anywhere else where culinary excellence is taking place.

Smaller Rooms
Secondary rooms, with less activity and less Mid-Century Modern Furniture, will usually require less lighting.

Bedrooms should have an overhead light, (like a globe pendant) with enough juice to cover the whole room. You can also go with a dimmer environment by keeping a smaller lamp on a side table, or a wall lamp like in the above photograph.

Bathrooms take a similar approach to the kitchens, requiring a heavy reliance on useful, task lighting. A wall-sconce is a great addition to any bathroom because of the various creative styles. The amount of light given off is perfect for an enclosed area.

If you don’t have a plug in the wall of your bathroom, go with a fixed piece like the above example.